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UK starts to use AI to look for wrong thoughts
  • Home Office has developed its own AI program that can detect Islamic State (IS) propaganda online with a 99.99 percent success rate.

    The technology works by analyzing video content during the upload process, preventing it from reaching the internet in the first place -- a vast improvement on the average 36 hours it takes tech firms to remove extremist content, and an improvement still on the two-hour-limit the UK government demanded last year. According to the Home Office, it automatically detects 94 percent of IS propaganda with 99.99 percent accuracy and will be made available to all internet platforms, particularly smaller sites such as Vimeo and pCloud, which have seen an increase in IS propaganda. According to the Home Office, IS supporters used more than 400 unique online platforms to spread propaganda in 2017.

    Jus remember that IS (created and sponsored by same who fight it) is used as test primer. Very soon this thing will start to work on real targets.