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How to export a 50P file as 50i for Broadcast
  • Hi everyone, I normally make videos for YouTube. I live in a remote area of Australia and this week I got asked to film some news footage for a statewide broadcaster. I asked them what the specs should be and they responded with: Film material in DV25 50i and deliver as MP4 H264. So the first stumbling block is that I shoot with a Panasonic Lumix GH4 which does not shoot interlaced only progressive footage so I just increased the fps from my usual 25p and shot the footage as a 50p MOV file. From what I've read you just drop the progressive MOV footage on to a sequence which has an interlaced preset and Premiere will fix that bit for you. That sounds too simplistic. I have gone through all the editing mode sequence settings and the only one I can find which might work is a Sony XDCAM HD422 1080i/p but when I google that I see another forum say that the only reason you would use that editing mode is if it was going to be played back on an XDCAM playdesk. Is someone able to decipher the specs of this broadcaster for me and tell me how to get my 50p MOV to them as an interlaced H264 MP4. I kind of feel like there's been chinese whispers between the tech team and news coordinator and the information I have received is not exactly right. Thanks The Big Mozzie

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  • I'd ask them if a xdcam 1080 422 mxf would work for them and then just choose that preset upon exporting. That codec is the preferred for a lot of broadcasters, and should make it easy for you(and them). I've delivered with that preset for the Danish National broadcasters several time and it works perfectly straight from premier. Don't edit in that preset, take your regular preset for when you edit your stuff.