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IndiSystem AIRSupport rig
  • I'm really impressed the IndiSystem AIRSupport and am thinking about getting it for my GH2. Anyone have any experience with this? It's $399, weighs only 3lbs, and comes with everything you see here:

    12" Carbon fiber rods

    Height adjustable camera block

    Shoulder-mount/shot-gun brace

    Front adjustable handles

    Thumb controlled friction follow focus

    Matte box w/ No-Drop French Flagtm

    image image



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  • IndiSystem had been very popular in low end segment.
    I still have their UltraCompact rig. Don't use already, but didn't sell either.
    Don't like the camera base on it much.
    Carbon rods are also can't be compared to Weifeng carbon ones (they flex as hell).

    I suggest you to test it first.
    Especially friction based FF. And handles (looks like very uncomfortable solution)
  • Yes, i wonder how good the FF is. Looks a bit dodgy at first glance.
  • yes, I do wonder how this will fare in everyday usage, as well as how much play that friction-based FF will have. Reminds me of those DIY roller skate FF
  • Also this thing really do not have ANY shoulder pad.
    As this "covered rod" thing is unfomfortable and makes rig highly unstable.
  • I don't know where to post this.
    I have Ultracompact Rig from IndieSystems (it was cheap back then and honestly I can't afford another rig right now). I've had it for almost 2 years and I've never used it with a follow focus until I bought TrusMT a few months ago. Now that I'm testing the setup before using it for a job, of course I've noticed that everything is pretty shaky. I can't rack focus without moving the lens up and down some mm. So it's useless as it is.
    Can I improve the rig by replacing some part/s (rods, full camera plate, etc.) and make it steadier?
    Any advice?

  • @Flaaandeeers: What camera/lens are you using? Movement of the camera or lens when using a follow focus can be caused by a few things (or combination of several):

    • Follow focus pushed up to lens gear too tightly - Solution: back off follow focus a bit from lens gear.
    • Play in lens mount (e.g. when using low-quality lens mount adapters) - Solution: get a better lens adapter
    • Camera movement on baseplate - Solution: Use an anti-twist plate. The problem is that this is not available for all cameras.

    Look for these potential issues on your rig and see if you can optimize any of them.

    @fotosiamo: I haven't used IndiSystem, but I will say that operating with that rig does not look very comfortable. As Vitaliy mentioned, the shoulder mount is not much more than a curved bar with some light padding on it so I don't know how comfortable it would be. Since it's basically just a 15mm rod, resting on your shoulder, it could also have the tendency to rotate left/right when you remove one hand from a handle.

  • @Jive Thanks for the tips. I have a GH2 and use it mostly with Rokkor lenses.
    I've done further testing and it seems that the adapter might have some play (I've tried DIY solutions to make it tighter but it with one particular lens it still has some play).
    But the one thing that really moves the setup is the whole camera base (tripod mounted). Design seems to be the problem. It seems that their "updated" model has a front metal piece that prevents that wobble:
    Mine does not have that, just the rear metal piece where height is adjusted. So it's like a metal C under the camera plate and every tiny move makes it bend down on the front.
    My conclusion so far: buy better adapter and a new camera base with rails. Any budget friendly recommendations?
    @Vitaliy_Kiselev, Sorry, just let me know if you think I might post this somewhere else.
    Thanks again.

  • Sorry, just let me know if you think I might post this somewhere else.

    LOL :-)