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Speedgate Workflow?
  • So I'm wrapping up a short film for a university project and the.workflow's been a bit "stumbly" from the GH2. I'm trying to keep it as loss less as possible but that's proving to be a challenge. I had issues getting native MTS files handled okay in Premiere so I ended up transcoding to ProRes. Edited it all together and started fumbling around with grading in Resolve which proved to be not worth it's time on my 2009 17" MacBook Pro. I got a licence from a professor for Speedgrade which proved to be spectacular. I exported an EDL from Premiere to Speedgrade and am working on grading currently. I have everything that required a composite done and the edit is pretty much set (just need to add some transitions back in that didn't port over with the EDL). What's left is foley, ADR, and some noise reduction. So my question is two fold.

    1. Would I render out the timeline in Speedgrade as individual clips and simply replace the old clips in the edit with the re-rendered, graded clips?

    2. What would be a more streamlined workflow for future reference?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • Speedgrade was purchased by Adobe so in the not too distant future, hopefully your workflow will be more seamless.