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Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone for $49.5
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    As simple small secure (Windows 8, no hacker will be interested!) smartphone is very good.
    Just love Windows Phone interface for simplicity and speed.
    No one push any stupid updates that slow down your phone.

    Good camera, OIS, F2.0 Zeiss lens.
    One of the best WB and colors I saw on any cheap phones.
    Very good camera app.


    • 8.7 megapixel 16:9 backside-illuminated multi-aspect ratio 1/3” sensor
    • 8 megapixel output in 4:3 ratio, 7.1 megapixel in 16:9
    • F2.0 lens, 26mm in 16:9, 28mm in 4:3 (35mm equivalents)
    • Optical image stabilization
    • Dual LED flash
    • Two stage (half-press, full-press) dedicated shutter button
    • 1080p video capture
    • 4.5-inch 1280x768 332ppi display

    Where Nokia’s unique Optical Image Stabilization, created in conjunction with ZEISS, differs from and outstrips its competitors, though, is in moving not one lens element in compensation, but in shifting the entire assembly of optical components. There are two advantages to this tactic: one, the camera can compensate for a much greater amount and form of movement—it picks up and cancels out about 50% more movements per second than convention OIS set-ups—and, two, the system has an incredibly fast reaction time—that is, approximately 300 times faster than the average human reaction time.

    Plus it is red one that cost less (use $1 seller coupon), amazing.

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  • Look how good smartphone design is, with simple battery change, no soldering if connectors are broken (you just replace part instead).

  • Construction difference with cheap Chinese stuff:


    800 x 596 - 96K
  • Agree with Vitaliy. Amazing little smartphone.

  • It was great phone. Now when I'm comparing it to Samsung S7, I'm only missing mic and speakers from Lumia 920. Video suffers from bad WB-pumping especially when shooting indoors. The price is not bad, but most of us wouldn't probably use it for anything. Mine is collecting dust.

  • Video suffers from bad WB-pumping especially when shooting indoors.

    What is "WB-pumping"? Variations of auto wb? Anything prevents set fixed wb?
    Actually this depends on app you use, as well as exact OS version.

    The price is not bad, but most of us wouldn't probably use it for anything. Mine is collecting dust.

    Never speak for everyone. :-)
    As you'll be shocked knowing amount of info Samsung and Goggle connect from your phone.

    Such smartphone has big advantage - you stop spending your precious life on crappy things like Facebook.

    S7 even refurbished and in US is around $280.

  • WB-pumping in video mode:

    . The problems starts at 58s, the forum software stripped the time parameter from the link. WB was probably set to auto, don't remember exactly if the problem existed in manual WB mode but I think it did. The pumping was not about color temperature, it was about purplish/greenish colors. In my time it was never fixed. There was a lot of talk about this in the Internets, although most discussions have mysteriously disappeared.

    I chose my words carefully, said "most of us".

  • @tonalt

    I am not sure it is good sample.

    Btw no need to use so much of software stab.

  • What ever, this is meaningless subject to me. Old technology. And did not use post stab.

  • @tonalt

    Looked like you used some, but may be it is unusual handling. ;-)

    As for old technology. No, it is modern technology, but aged marketing.