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Degradation: Kodak wants free money as intermediary, issue scam crypto currency
  • Today Kodak and WENN Digital, in a licensing partnership, announced the launch of the KODAKOne image rights management platform and KODAKCoin, a photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.

    Utilizing blockchain technology, the KODAKOne platform will create an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers to register both new and archive work that they can then license within the platform. With KODAKCoin, participating photographers are invited to take part in a new economy for photography, receive payment for licensing their work immediately upon sale, and for both professional and amateur photographers, sell their work confidently on a secure blockchain platform. KODAKOne platform provides continual web crawling in order to monitor and protect the IP of the images registered in the KODAKOne system. Where unlicensed usage of images is detected, the KODAKOne platform can efficiently manage the post-licensing process in order to reward photographers.

    “For many in the tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are hot buzzwords, but for photographers who’ve long struggled to assert control over their work and how it’s used, these buzzwords are the keys to solving what felt like an unsolvable problem,” said Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke. “Kodak has always sought to democratize photography and make licensing fair to artists. These technologies give the photography community an innovative and easy way to do just that.”

    “Engaging with a new platform, it is critical photographers know their work and their income is handled securely and with trust, which is exactly what we did with KODAKCoin,” said WENN Digital CEO Jan Denecke. “Subject to the highest standards of compliance, KODAKCoin is all about paying photographers fairly and giving them an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new economy tailored for them, with secure asset rights management built right in.”

    The initial coin offering will open on January 31, 2018 and is open to accredited investors from the U.S., UK, Canada and other select countries. For more information visit This initial Coin Offering is issued under SEC guidelines as a security token under Regulation 506 (c) as an exempt offering.

    For more information and to sign up for product updates, please visit

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  • Wish I owned some Kodak stock, it went up 116% yesterday on the news.

  • Don't worry @robertGL , for the other 364 days of the year you'll be glad you don't own Kodak stock!

  • They also made Bitcoin miner (aka transform energy into heat for scammers)


    791 x 412 - 38K
  • It is clear you don't understand the cryptocurrency market. :)

  • It is clear you don't understand the cryptocurrency market. :)

    LOL. Ouch, I do.

    USSR even made film about crypto currencies (long before they become widely known)

    This pretty cancer tumor will make every idiot shit seriously.

  • They also made Bitcoin miner (aka transform energy into heat for scammers)

    Wow, they're taking this way more seriously than I thought!

    But yeah, *Kodak... * famous for blowing it.

  • @IronFilm

    At least we are here talking not trying to imitate hordes of idiots.

    If you don't have strong foundation it is very tempting to follow every scam and prize it.

    And make sure to sacrifice a bull or two, it can help to be sure in gods ways.