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Electric FF under $1k?
  • I'm looking for an electric FF that I can use with a thumbwheel on my gimbal and shoulder rig, wireless is great but wired is also fine. Would be nice if I had the option to add a wireless remote with wheel and hard stops at a later time.

    There seem to be several on the horizon, like the Tilta Nucleus-M and Nucleus-N, Zhiyun's mechanical FF, and the Filmpower Nebula FF all sound great but when are any of them actually going to be available? I'm also looking at some of the Ikan and Redrock FF systems, but they're a little outside of my budget. Any others I should be aware of?


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  • Get nucleus M. Spend a few more dollars. Worth it.

  • If I could get one right now I would, but everyone is backordered. Did these actually get released already?

  • For such things you also need very good gimbal with powerful motors, one that can stand small unbalance.

    Also need some understanding on how this FF sounds like.


  • TILTA NUCLEUS-M review in Russian

  • We've been using the Tilta Nucleus-M on set for this feature film I'm working on at the moment.

  • @IronFilm how is it holding up in the pro environment? Is the DP/Operator or Focus Puller (if there is one) happy with it?

  • RedUser is nothing but complaints, complaints, complaints about the Tilta M. It was one of the few products I considered pre-ordering, but am glad I didn't given the delays. Now, it's one of those things where it seems like the perfect solution, but it is hard to find anyone raving about it. Curious @IronFilm about your experience.

  • @kellar42

    RedUser is nothing but complaints, complaints, complaints about the Tilta M.

    One thing you need to do is to filter out many Reduser comments. As lot of guys make some living from renting gear or are just fans of specific expensive equipment.

    One I see is that they have lot of owners who was part of group buy.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev fair points, definitely something I'm looking forward to trying in person.

  • @kellar42

    Another thing to note is that lot of complainers use big heavy lenses with very long throws (360 degrees usually) designed for manual FFs, they put big stress on motors (as it needs to work for long time with quite big resistance).

    Whole cameras and lenses market now are kind of schizophrenic, as instead of using cheap extremely accurate mass market parts and camera controlled operation, high end market stick to proven old approach. Mostly as people who do it are used to it more.

  • @IronFilm how is it holding up in the pro environment? Is the DP/Operator or Focus Puller (if there is one) happy with it?

    DoP of course never uses it, that is the 1st AC's job, and they're loving it.

  • Is the Nucleus-m a good product with xeen lens ?

  • We used the Tilta Nucleus-M again on another different shoot (different DoP, different 1st AC, different everybody! Except me) that I worked on, for the 48HOURS film competition.

    I really reckon the Tilta Nucleus-M is the best choice there is for a "sub $1K" wireless FF, ok it technically isn't sub $1K but it is pretty close to it!

    Clearly is going to be a massive smash hit for lower budget work.

  • Thank you IronFilm.

  • I bought one today, I hope everything will be ok. It's cheap :-)))

  • I think my heart was just sold on and electronic wireless follow focus for the first time. I think my pocket will need a year or two to catch up to my heart though. Nice to see this tech coming along so nicely! The price seems very reasonable considering some still try to sell manual ff for that price.

  • I receive it this morning (most fast shipping ever !). I don't know how to say...It' just AMAZING !

    • The auto calibration is fast and perfect

    • The motor is silent

    • The product is VERY well built

    • The motors are light and compact (the receiver is inside the motor !)

    • There is a powerful function for to work precisely when you are near an object !

    • You have an impressive complete system it's so IMPRESSIVE for the price what you found in the case :-O

  • @Flash , where were you able to find it available to buy ?

  • Last one in France !

  • Oh :)

  • @sammy

    We can organize some deal, but not in EU.

  • VK ok, I was waiting for it for a while, but bought DJI system, which is nice, and simple, but this seems better for gimbal work ..let us know

  • I tried to work focus with a Voightlander 25mm at 0.95. Like you know it's very hard to be in focus at 0.95. But with Nucleus-M it's amazing because there is a function to remap the range of focus ring. I am very impressed.