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Samplitude Pro X Silver - Free DAW
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    • Max eight tracks
    • Support VST plugin supports
    • Good set of high quality native effects.
    • Two busses per project

    1. Download from
    2. After installation completed, start Magix Samplitude Pro X Silver . A “Welcome” splash dialog will open. Click on the 'Register now for unlimited use' program button to open personal trial extension code registration web page.
    3. You will be forwarded to registration page, after logging in or registering, activation code to unlock Magix Samplitude Pro X Silver will be sent to the registered email address.
    4. Enter the activation code into the text box that appear on the welcome box after clicking "Continue to use program" button. Then click on Continue.
    800 x 433 - 59K
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  • If you aren't using this you should be :)

  • And remember another amazing soft from Magix (actually it can be used as amazing titler with animation support and 500 fonts)

  • I prefer Reaper. Much more for the same price!

  • @caveport

    Price is not same, as commercial Reaper license is $225, discounted for personal use is $60.

    You can use it free still, but it is not legal after 60 days. So, if you do it with same success you can download any other software from torrents.

  • Reaper is a good program, and it also is good for hard disk recording. Eventually, however, you will want to migrate to 4 point cross cuts in Sequoia or Pyramix, and Samplitude has 90 percent of the features of Sequoia.

  • What are "4 point cross cuts in Sequoia or Pyramix" and why would I want to migrate to them? I also need cross platform apps so these are not a very good solution for me.

  • Some other useful stuff

  • @DrDave I don't get why Magix prices Sequoia so high for having just a few extra things in comparison... Samplitude proX3 suite is going for 149$ until December 6, which is absolutely insane

  • @robertGL

    It is niche product and cheap for such niche.

  • It's either 4 point cut or it isn't. It's been around at least since Sequoia V6, basically, there's juts no comparison in the way you can make edits. But if you just want to cut and paste clips, you could argue that you don't need it, sure some ppl might hear your edits but so what.... but it really is the standard and has been the standard for a really long time. Obviously Pyramix does the same 4 point cut, and has some really nice mixing features as well that other programs don't have.
    Basically, if you want the best edits, 4 point cut is the way to go.

  • Surprised no one has written the code for an open source version. Decades ago, a bunch of us who were using code based digital editing (no graphics, no mouse, just typing....) commissioned a four point setup, but even back then Sequoia really wrote the best interface so we switched over to Pyramix or Sequoia.

  • Another download option of Silver as first one seems unavailable