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GH2 battery grip for 110$ (Finally Available!)
  • I had sent an email to "ownuser" many many months back asking about making a gh2 battery grip. I got a reply yesterday that they finally have a gh2 battery grip available.

    Below is the email I received where you can see company details and links. I know they have an ebay store so my guess is it will pop up there soon but I haven't seen it there yet. I haven't ordered one yet but I definitely want to get one cause I need 1) a proper + safe powering solution without hanging weird batteries and without buying absurd OEM batteries 2) sth to add more "masculinity" to the miniscule and featherweight gh2

    "Dear Customer
    We will tell you a good news.
    About PANASONIC GH2's grip is already on the market in 2011/12/20.

    On this website, you can get more product information.

    On this website, you can buy products through PAYPAL (online credit card page, like EBAY)

    MIG-PGH2 has four purchase specifications
    (1) MIG-PGH2B = only BODY (B = BLACK)
    (2) MIG-PGH2AB = BODY + MEB-03-c (A = external AA battery pack)
    (3) [New specifications] MIG-PGH2RB =BODY + mini IR 2B & RHS (R = IR Remote, not the wired remote control)
    (4) MIG-PGH2RAB = BODY + MEB-03-c + mini IR 2B & RHS

    We recommend to buy (1) or (3).
    Because AA batteries is not recommended as the main power supply that use on GH2 cameras.
    Thanks for your business and support, wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

    Ownuser Customer Service

    OWNUSER CO.,LTD 萬菱電訊有限公司
    Tel:886-2-2275-6637 Fax:886-2-2275-6371
    1F.,No.53,Sec. 2, Daguan Rd., Banquiao, Taipei, 220, Taiwan(R.O.C)
    Website: "
    856 x 2203 - 1M
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  • Note that u must use genuine battery during start-up to show battery level, then u could switch to the other 3rd party battery, and then u could change the genuine battery with 3rd party battery. If u shut down the camera, u have to start up with genuine battery again to show battery level.
  • Does the battery have tripod holes? How long does it last?
  • I'm definitely intruiged... look forward to reading a review.
  • Looks good but I think my 5000mha battery pack that lasts for 9.5 hours will do just fine. From the photos it looks like the microphone slot will be taken up. Which is not good in my part if I want to attach a external microphone to the GH2.
  • is it me or is their website down? I've been trying for past 2 days.
  • @chrimsbroome only if you want to use the shutter button on the grip, I think. I see no reasons for the battery functions of the grip to not function with the shutter cable unplugged.
  • Available in germany:

    Shipping worldwide
  • @ready2ride

    First message and looks like advertisment and link to the shop.
    Link removed. We are not free advertisment platform.
  • I got it today. I use only original batteries, so I like it. Now it is possible to change the batteries without interrupt video record. The battery doors are far from quick release plate.
  • Act, do you need the shutter cable connected for it to work?
  • +1 shutter cable needed, Y/N?
  • no, cable need just for release button on grip.
    It not desire for video, just for portrait stills, I think
  • does it twist easily? there doesnt appear to be any lip to prevent twisting. wonder if it comes in silver =)

    oh and how long does it last? recon you could throw up a video review?
  • @B3Guy - Thats just it, I may want to use a shutter release on long lenses that need a shutter release for very long zooms. However if you can make money out of kits for the GH2 then why not :-)
  • I noticed on their GH2 page it says it uses DMW-BLB13E batteries? But it refers to the grip model for G2. So... why the hell would they mention that. Can anyone just put my mind at ease and confirm the grip needs to use original GH2 batteries? thanks

  • well I got it today. Overall it does what it's supposed to do. A few points: 1) It doesn't have any "knobs" to prevent the grip from twisting. Just some rubber on top. Better than nothing. Might not bode well for long-term usage with follow focus etc. It'll twist eventually. 2) Battery meter works with original batteries 3) I don't have any 3rd party batteries so can't test if they work 4) I logged about 4hr40mins before the batteries gave out. Settings were HBR/25p, 640iso, I.Dynamic @ Standard. 5) If like me you invested in adapters that have tripod mounts, they just about fit while using the grip. In the pic below is the Nikon adapter for example.

    1224 x 1632 - 490K
    1224 x 1632 - 422K
  • Got mine today aswell :-) Got the full package with remote and external battery pack (MIG-PGH2RAB).

    The good: + Does not need any cables connected for battery meter to work. Meter even works with the external AA battery compartment! (not sure how accuarate though).

    • It's light weight.

    • IR remote works fine, it's not interfering with the popup flash.

    • External battery compartment is ok, has a belt clip and seems to work fine.

    • Does not cut power if you switch the battery switch between A/B/DC it even works fine set on B with no battery in B compartment. From what I can tell the switch is only used to select what battery the meter should show.

    • Has a extra port for remote trigger (Don't have a external mic to try if it will work with that too, probably not) so one can use a remote even if the grip shutter button is connected.

    • Has tripod hole on the bottom, and has what seems to be good sticky plastic on top to prevent it from moving around.

    The not so good:

    • It's very "plasticy". It could do with some rubberized feel to it.

    • With the full package you will have a bunch of wires coming out all over the place.

    • Battery compartments in the grip does not hold the battery in place unless the lid is there (no "spring-tap" like it has in the camera compartment). And since lids are not hinged I can see these getting lost when one is out in the field, and if you loose the lid you are screwed. The door really should be hinged or there should atleast be a supply of a few extra doors in the package.

    Overall verdict: Ok product, a bit on the expensive side, does what it's adverticed to do. Build quality seems somewhat cheap. Only time will tell how sturdy it really is.

    Hope someone else finds this helpfull :-)

    Sorry for any spelling errors etc. English is not my native language.

  • @lsf2000

    Thanks for useful report.

  • thanks lsf2000 and ed_lee83

  • So does the Batt-Grip use the GH2 batteries or the older dmwblb13e Batteries?

    Im planning on buy one. I just want make sure i don't have to buy batteries also.

  • @oraku GH2 batteries.

  • Warning! read this first:

    Just a update,

    1600mah battery that work with battery info!

    These batteries work fine with and without the grip and they show battery info on cam, the 2 pack is perfect with the grip and they are cheap and give about 25-30% extra usage time. (6+ hours with the grip and both batteries installed).

    Get 4 of these and you will never run out :-)

  • Hey guys, what can that IR remote do exactly? Can it be programmed for timelapses as well or does it just work as a wireless shutter release?

  • Oh, and thanks @lsf2000 for that link for the battery, nice find!

  • @gabb3r: the remote has the following buttons: focus, clear, shoot, timer and b-shoot. it's called mini-rhs2 and there is a manual on the owuser site: