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Mobile Coffee Lake to include i9 six core CPUs
  • Approximate lineup:

    • Core i3-8300H: 4-core/4-thread with 8MB cache
    • Core i5-8400H: 6-core/6-thread with 9MB cache
    • Core i7-8750H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache
    • Core i7-8850H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache
    • Core i9-8950H: 6-core/12-thread with 12MB cache
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    The top-of-the-line model being announced today is the Intel Core i9-8950HK, which can reach speeds of up to 4.8 GHz with turbo boost, and is the first mobile Intel processor to offer six cores and 12 threads. Intel claims that translates to up to a 29 percent overall speed boost over the previous seventh-generation Intel chips, with 41 percent improvement for gaming and up to 59 percent faster 4K video editing.

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