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NAB NY 2017: Sony AX700, Sony PXW-Z90 and HXR-NX80 camcorders
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  • Thanks, Alan and Vitaliy. Very good interview.

  • Been wondering for ages when a X70 successor would come out, so it could lead to price drops of secondhand X70 cameras ;-)

    As if I ever had to do a shoot in the future using an all in one camera, rather than an interchangeable lens camera, then likely the X70 would be top of my list (in fact I'm doing a shoot next month, that I recommend the X70 be rented for it). I just wish they'd include time code in it, as then it would be nearly perfect (more info about the CBKZ-WCTL would be good?). Guess you instead need to go for something bigger, and more expensive, such as the Panasonic DVX200 to get time code input on your camera.