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Sony A7s III, 4K 60p and FHD 240p, late and sligthly disfunctional Sony child
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    Rumored specs



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  • Link is funny. Originally it was October 25,

  • Anyway, they rate the rumor as SR5

  • Usually source is either blogger or shop.

  • I predict a lot of eye rolling if it's an A7s III and it doesn't...

    • Support 10-bit recording at a higher bitrate
    • Up megapixels to the point where 4K APS-C is usable
    • Add at least one more stop of usable sensitivity

    The last is probably the least important, maybe, but to stay competitive, Sony are gonna have to take a cue from Panasonic and not be so defensive of their professional cameras.

  • Sony is in a tough spot, they want an a9s for $4995, but need to do 10-bit 4k60p to justify it, prob can't deliver

    Probably a7sIII... 4K60p, 8-bit, some more megapixels, advanced autofocus, touch screen... $3495

  • Haha. No A7sIII today - just a camcorder. Sony is really overselling their "exciting" and "game changing" product announcements these days.

  • It seems that there is some chance at the PhotoPlus Show on October 25-26 as Sonyalpha rumors said

  • Yup. SAR predicts releases of the A7S III about as often as Christian Cults predict the end of the world... and with about as much accuracy.

  • If the only update in the A7s3 is PDAF, Sony will be well on their way to becoming the new Canon.

  • PDAF would be a flag feature, but not the only new feature (I suppose )

  • α7sⅢ will have new stacked image sensor with integral memory and will have High ISO sensitivity and improved AF.

    Actually besides sensor body, LSI and all will be absolutely same as A7 III.

    Average margin for this camera is expected to be around 300%.

  • More internal leaks

    • Sensor with industry record DR, one mode can surpass 20 stops
    • Camera will also set record in price for S line
    • 4K at 50 and 60fps
    • Dual SD card slot
    • Outstanding EVF

    Can be presented at IBC, but can be later.

  • @Vitaliy 20 Stops. Wooaaah!! Are that info contrasted from trusted sources? I don't know any camera with 20 stops of DR.

  • I wonder how much tech from the Venis cinealta camera gets passed down to the a7siii, well apart from the new color science.

  • Sounds like probably just a very effective HDR mode in video. Probably only in FHD due to multi-frame processing being done.

    • Mr. Yutaka said that “for time frame, it may require longer than you probably imagine”
    • This long waiting time is necessary because Sony wants to “go beyond the customers expectations”
    • 8K is not important by 2020 …but in the longer term it will be important
    • There are still a lot of things to do with Full Frame and APS-C before to think about moving Medium Format
  • This is a good thing, glad to see them not rush an unfinished product to market.

  • @joethepro

    I am around 95% sure that Sony A7S III release had been postponed due to Panasonic agreement.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev That last point about Sony NOT currently developing Medium Format Video capabilities in the near future for the prosumer lineup is a MAJOR STORY, whereas FUJI is at least in the game currently and also with their future $10K 100MP 4K capable medium format, PDAF IBIS body announced at Photokina...

  • highly doubt it will be beyond expectation, because I got some high expectations lol

  • @pureaxis

    Next year we'll see unprecedented coordination among Japanese companies.

    With unprecedented prices rise and unprecedented lowering of normal warranty service level (they all will ask you to switch to paid options).

    Their next point of attention will be quality and real life of camera to push you go and buy new one.

    Their next target will be price hikes for middle range cameras that will partially happen due to Chinese sanctions war that will be worsening fast with fees reaching 40-50% level in late 2019.

  • Some third party rumored specs

    • 15,4Mp CMOS Sensor
    • 693 Phase detect AF Points / 425 contrast AF Points
    • 4Kp60 420 internal recording
    • 4Kp30 with 422 10bit record and 4kp60 422 HDMI output
    • 2280mAh battery
    • $3500 rumored price
  • Vitaliy do you think that the 4K60 would be only over HDMI? Or there would still be 8-bit internal?

  • I'd be skeptical of any rumors now as Sony is prob reworking the a7siii to better compete with the panny options next year, I cant image it would be introduced without 4k60 internal