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Apple iPhone X match Samsung with $1000 price
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  • Apple hired Al Gore, and now are employing perpetual political strategy to tech... identify problem, exploit problem with bad solution, then propose solution to correct bad solution, repeat)

    call me a skeptic, but I can see Apple intentionally selling phones with small screens to intentionally give people visual problems, in addition to the shortened attention span and phone addiction impacting brain chemistry, all of which they haven't disclosed as a risk of using their phones long-term, though all the research is in...

    all that 3D sensing and face scanning tech will certainly be exploited by Apple TV Studios in the future for virtual film production, and products like these are sold simply to offload cost for their future AR/VR to onto the consumer and developers...

    the final product before their Apple AI chip implant will be Apple VR/AR glasses to help assist people with bad vision and brain issues they somehow developed over the last 10 years (hmmm... last 10 years of iPhone products)...

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