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8K monitors will open a new market for photo/video
  • Imagine a museum, a culture house, a shopping mall, an exposition event.

    Now figure out lots of 8k monitors in the walls or in stands.

    This will avoid the need of printing photos and allow exibition of photos, timelapses, graphics art, paintings and video; for culture, product sales, and lots of other things.

    People can see the image with same or better quality compared to printed photos.

    What do you think about this new era? Share your thoughts...

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  • 8-20K camera images/video downrezzed to HDR 8K OLED 120Hz displays would certainly be better for exhibition and off-axis viewing... but the only benefit 8K brings in is small ppi potential for close observation of fine details... which is ultimately great for AR/VR goggles - that is the elimination of visible pixels

    go to 5:00 of this video to see this in reality:

    boe 8k art.jpg
    1087 x 721 - 145K