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Kindle Fire Sales
  • According to the company, Kindle products have moved at a rate of "more than one million per week" for the past three weeks. That number includes the currently available members of the e-reading family, including the fourth generation Kindle, the Kindle Touch (both the WiFi and 3G versions) and the Fire. According to Amazon, the latter is "the most successful product we've ever launched," having topped the company's sales charts for 11 weeks. Press info after the jump.

    Btw, Kindle Fire is really solid small thing. Like it.
    Just wish Amazon to start offering sales in other countries. :-)
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  • I returned my Fire. It is OK for consuming Amazon content, especially at $200. Amazon video looks good but other web video such as Vimeo is poor. Browsing is no faster than with anything else and crashes fairly often. The interface looks great but the dynamics of the GUI feel much less refined than IOS devices. The weight is the same as the iPad, but since it is half the size, the balance feels better with less strain.
  • I just wanted good 7" tablet.
    Mass sales means that you could install Android mods, if you want them.
    Didn't have crashes on mine yet.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev how is the quality of web video?