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Zoom H4n and Bluetooth Monitoring
  • I'm heading off on a one-man doc trip. Audio is a Zoom with NTG-2 on a miniboom and a wired lav.

    I can't afford a wireless setup that compares to the lav I've got, BUT I wonder: possible to add a bluetooth transmitter to the Zoom to monitor through an Android phone and just put the Zoom on the subject's body? That could be a cool setup.

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  • Will have to buy a receiver too.
  • Also check some wireless audio thing (made for players).
    It works like blootooth, but with better range and better quality.
    I completely forgot how it is called.
    Research ebay and tell me if you find it.
  • FM transmitter?
  • >FM transmitter?

    Nope. Special thing for audio players.
    It is not very cheap, I think about $100.
  • I have tried some bluetooth transmitters a while ago, but was not satisfied with the quality and especially not with the range.

    I would say forget about it... either use a direct recording without any wireless, or if you have to go wireless, then spend money on something that just works - Sennheiser for example.
  • Bluetooth is clearly not intended for any stable sound recording.