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GH2 AVCHD Playback Problem (Premiere)
  • Hey all and thanks Vitality for the hack!

    I've been working on a short that's being shot on the GH2 with what I believe is the 66M hack. When I bring the native AVCHD clips into Premiere, they play back with this odd pulsing twitch like motion as if the motions being repeated. If I try to rewrap or transcode in ClipWrap, I get the same results. All 3 types of clips, when played back in Final Cut 7 or Quicktime they playback the same. When imported through Log and Transfer to Final Cut, they play back fine both in Final Cut and Premiere. Any ideas?

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  • Possibly resources on your computer handling the AVCHD? Also in NLE's long gop is slightly more taxing on the cpu to decode the p and b frames. Short GOP like INTRA needs more space but is already decoded. This is why Log & Transfer will playback proper once its transcoded to whatever youve set inside L&T. There are other variables as to why this is happening. As in what codecs are attempting the decode. You might want to remove Perian before using ClipWrap and try again.
  • In premiere at the top right hand corner there is an icon of several horizontal lines. Click that and scroll down to playback resolution. Put it on full resolution. That usually fixes the stuttering in the playback with avchd. Do you have the mercury engine enabled as well?
  • Thanks for the replies.

    @grego I have it playing at full resolution and have tried it at lower resolution. Same result. Mercury Engine is enabled but for software only.

    Kind of bizzarre.
  • For anyone having this issue, it played back flawlessly after installing this:
  • What color is the line over your media in the timeline? is red or yellow? Locate a icon at left side of the trash bin in the Project windows; drag any video media from the Project windows to this icon; this will create a new timeline with your media aspect and format.