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Introduction to Digital Photography Free Course
  • Looking to step up your photography game? Alison’s new ‘Introduction to Digital Photography’ course will help you gain the critical knowledge and skills to capture perfect pictures. This free online course is an updated and more detailed replacement of the old Harvard University Digital Photography course from the Alison platform and is easily accessible to anyone keen to learn photography that will help to master the art and craft of digital photography.

    The new introductory course contains 11 modules that gives you an opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of digital photography, including the basic features of digital cameras, working with a digital camera, processing and formatting and the different photography styles - be it landscape, street or wildlife photography. The course also offers a detailed view of the history of photography and its origin. With the help of this course you will get better acquainted with handling a digital camera and helping you go beyond just the automatic settings on a camera. Post completion of this course you will be able to develop your own unique style of photography by mastering the techniques of digital photography.

    Commenting on the successful publication of this course, Alison CEO Mike Feerick said, “In today’s digital world, creating good images is about upholding quality and nurturing creativity. The new Introduction to Digital Photography course offers you the opportunity to master the technicalities involved in photography to help you take professional pictures. This course will be great learning to have, whether you are starting your first photography lesson or are looking to brush up your already well-practiced photography skills.”

    Following the Introductory course, Alison has further, more advanced digital photography courses in production as follow-up courses based on the different levels of the learner’s journey. There will be 3 courses for each level - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced which will be released in the coming months.