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Official GF2 hack development topic
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  • "This is quite strange question. All patches are always for latest available version. For GF2 it is 1.12"

    1.12 ??? did I miss something... Must be typo Vitaly, last GF2 fw is 1.11 ;)

  • yepp... still trying to figure out how to use the camera. I'm VERY unconfortable with the menus. :-P Focus is always hunting.

  • @CashMoney

    No. I am not talking about site titles. I am talking about actual version available on site. It is 1.12. In camera it'll show as 1.1.

  • IMHO video quality, colors and rendition are already at a very high level A good hack, with a bit of bitrate more, etc, but the main thing would be manual controls ability over vide It will give us a GREAT micro videocamera. It will need a whole serie of hardware, I'd say a micro-rig with micro FF etc. The greatest thing would be to have remote control option via usb... if not let's open the camera and solder some cable... ;-) @Vitaliy Thank you for what you are doing, the value of your work is ENORMOUS. If the hack will be ready, I'd love to use it aside the 5D in a big visibility (and unpayed) project I will have within next week... if not I will however make something VERY interesting later.

  • GF2=Same code ... same hardware than GH2 ?, with GH1 previous sensor?. VERY good news ...

    As we know, dpreview rates previous 12Mp sensor with better Dynamic Range... so , potentially, hacked GF2 could be a better Camera than GH2....

    time to donate again :-)

  • Would be a killer if we could have a remote control functioning on gf2. It would open all timelapse, hdr, bulb...or even software remote controlling (app from mobile phone)

  • Sorry if it's already been answered but what's the timetable look like for the release? Still thinking this month?

  • Just donated! 18.75 Brazilian Real.

    Please consider usb remote shooting / timelapse / hdr/ bracketing functions also!

    Kiselev: is this camera an embedded computer that runs some sort of linux on it?

  • Kiselev: is this camera an embedded computer that runs some sort of linux on it?

    No, it is special LSI, and no Linux.

  • Vitaly, then you can connect an external display, or is a matter of hardware?

  • @sbghms and the rest chasing VK Be patient: In the GF2 development hack topik on januari 10 VK gave this answer:

    "I am working on GF2 and hope that updated PTool with GH2 v1.1 and GF2 support will be ready in January."

    Please note the "hope" in his answer - not a promise;-)

    I'm convinced that Vitaliy works hard on it.

  • donated too. "hope" it will be done. :-) It will be very interesting to compare old and new sensor (I have GF2 and GH2 cam) with driftwood Quantum v9 patch :-))

  • Any chance for adding back in a missing feature only from the gf2? The other models have the ability to control the flash through flash exposure compensation, but panasonic decided to skip that capability for the gf2. If the programming is in there but turned off, could it be re-enabled?

    Anyone trying to get a fill flash or do any underwater shots would thank you greatly.

  • re-donated. One of the nice things of gf2 flash is that it can be jammed looking UP! That is nice to be used buncing from white cielings... No pression on Vitaliy, I agree. So, is it coming? When is ready? I'm waiting ! :-D :-D

    I'm doing these kind of thinga, by the way...

  • Hello Vitaliy_Kiselev. Now gf2 has 720p60p but output is 30p, can this hack make the output 60p, like GH1 and GH2 have. Thanks.

  • Is there a way to disable the view screen while shooting video? I'm concerned with battery life for longer shots.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Hello, I wanted to ask, any eta on the ptool for the Panasonic GF2? Sorry to bother you!

    If so, what hacks would it allow?

  • No eta, no promises. But I hope it'll be not far.

    As for that it could do, all the same as GH2. Just with restriction to available modes.

  • Hello, I've been following this for a while. Keep up the great work! One quick question, will the GF2 support live view while filming via HDMI?

  • Is it possible to make the shut down faster without the LUMIX logo? Option to turn off the screen or touch screen while shooting will be awesome!

  • Dear Kiselev, today it's my first post. I'm anxiously waiting your upcoming update. But i would like to ask you one question, knowing your upcoming work, which camera would you bet quality/budget? gf2, g3, gf3? Thanks, hope to invest on your work soon.

  • @ch3 @docz I think everything depends on the hardware. I do not think that GH2 GH1 larger sensors are used in the smaller cameras!! @Vitaliy_Kiselev, so, I did not understand (not familiar with GH- cameras and hack) we will have manual control over video!? :-D

    Thank you all!

  • Hello, I don't shoot video so personally would not be interested in video-related features: any chance we'll see photo-related enhancements in the hack? Or is it video-only?


  • Is shooting 3d video with the 3d lens supportable?

  • You already can shoot 3d video with the 3d lens. Tape is your friend.