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SMPTE Sydney 2017
  • Vitaliy has asked me to attend SMPTE Sydney to gather interviews and industry news for PV.

    Let me know here which exhibitors you would be interested in me interviewing, and any specific questions. I will try to gauge community interest here.

    • 2WCOM
    • ABonAir
    • Adeal
    • Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd
    • Advantech Wireless
    • Agile Broadcast


    • Viz Mosart
    • vMix
    • Weather Metrics
    • Wireless Components Pty Ltd
    • XICOM
    • Yamaha Music Australia
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  • My current top interest so far:

    • Sony Australia Limited
    • Panasonic Australia Pty Limited
    • Canon Australia
    • Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd.
    • Yamaha Music Australia
    • The Good Life (TGL lighting)
    • ARRI Australia Pty Ltd
  • @alcomposer, When you interview Panasonic, could you please ask them about is any plan to develop successor of AF-100? which is a first camcorder with m43 mount and do they think m43 camcorder is dead? Because they have released few Varicam with EF mount or PL mount only.

    Also will Panasonic develop Dual native ISO system from Varicam to Lumix GH camera in the future? I think this is one of the most attractive elements from Panasonic.

    About GH5, i think the camera can add even more tools for video recording such as false color, proxy recording, advance color tuning (The one in Lumix camera is too basic, wanted to be similar like Sony A7 or FS5 above), build in electric ND filters or Cine EI mode like Arri and Sony?

    For m43 lens system, is X lens dead? Will Panasonic develop its own cine lens in PL or M43 mount?

  • @mikeyeung5 I will try to get good interviews. However be aware that many of these questions may go unanswered. It really will be up to the knowledge of the representative I get to talk with.

    Hopefully there will be some information regarding the upcoming GH5 firmware, which if able to share would be good.

    Other than that I will be covering much more than simply Panasonic, especially looking at Sony, Canon & Blackmagic.

  • So, here we go

  • Aputure new light

  • Great videos

  • Aputure Tri-8 light

  • Aputure Light Dome

  • Feelworld 7" monitor

  • Seetec 28" 4K monitor

  • DragonImage aka Flacon eyes RX18 light

  • TGL Lukas 50-100-200 LED Lights Interview

  • Aputure LS-Mini20 Led Light Interview