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Mac software to fix GH2 HDMI output
  • As discussed on this site and elsewhere the HDMI output of the GH2 camera is always interlaced, even if the clip is really 24p.
    The telecine method used to convert from 24p to 50i or 60i results in very irregular interlace patterns that defeat standard inverse telecine procedures.

    The following cases need correction:
    1. 24p output in NTSC mode (60i)
    1. 24p output in PAL mode (50i)
    3. 29.97i output as 30i (NTSC)

    If there are more, let me know.

    So far I have been able to deal with the 24p->50i case. If you have a Mac and a PAL camera download my software JES Deinterlacer (Mac only) and give it a try. You need the latest alpha (v3.8).
    For the other two cases I need test files. One or two minutes of footage is enough. Just provide me with a download link.

    Jan E.
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  • Anly link to "software JES Deinterlacer (Mac only) ".
    Also, any reason to make converter Mac only?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    > any reason to make converter Mac only?

    @jeschot is primarily (if not only) a Mac developer... (so most probably better to know one system well)
  • JES Deinterlacer was a lifesaver back in my HV20 days. Glad to see the program will continue having uses in the GH2 era :)
  • Here's a screenshot and the link to the alpha:
    Inverse telecine screenshot (DMC-GH2).png
    420 x 522 - 39K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I have trouble enough keeping up with Mac OS system.
  • @jeschot
    May be make it dedicated PC app?
    As such software can run on Mac without any trouble.
  • @VK knowing many OS X developers there are quite a few system specific things that 'mac' developers like about OS X... (if they use it correctly).

    (Virtual Dub works like $hit on OS X- as an example of PC software not working on OS X)
    Also - if you are as brainwashed as we are about OS X there is no really going back anyway :-D

    Actually its kind of off topic to discuss 'system evangelism' of any kind, Windows included... Jes Deinterlacer is legendary OSX software, and that is what he 'wants' to develop in. If it was Linux, Unix, BeOs, C64 who cares... its his choice. If anyone 'needs' it enough get a Mac. (Like so many Mac users have had to do with PC for-ever)... Pretty cheap now... :-D

    I to dream of a world where there is one executable that will work on everything,.. (oh yeah- Java kind of sucks for video..)