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Gh5 rw2 files color shift in lightroom and camera raw
  • Hi,i'm new here...i did a couple of timelapse tests with the gh5 and it seems that lightroom and camera raw interpretate rw2 files not the underexposed areas there is a color shift..sometimes magenta and sometimes's pretty noticeable when you export the timelapse resulting in colours flicker...if i import those files in faststone or silkpix they don't show colour issue... Anyone have the same issue??

    2017-05-27 00.09.34.jpg
    1639 x 1091 - 2M
    2017-05-27 00.08.22.jpg
    1641 x 1092 - 1M
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  • Could this be the same issue I've found 4 years ago on my GH3? After increasing exposure, RAW footage showed color flicker on underexposed areas.

    Take a look at these videos of mine:

  • Yes,it looks like it's the same issue...i've had this issue with the gh4 and it hasn't been solved yet!!! It's a wrong interpretation of adobe products because if you open the same file in faststone or silkpix it hasn't any colour shift... It's time for adobe/panasonic to work together to solve it...gh5 timelapse feature isn't usable if you plan to post processing through adobe softwares because this colour flicker is something that you can't fix!!!!