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Remote Follow focus GH5
  • Currently I don't know of any way to smoothly control GH5 Panasonic lenses via remote manual focus.

    Canon has the ability to control lens focus via USB port on camera, and you can buy on eBay devices that plug in and have rotary encoders for follow focus.

    I believe that the 2nd firmware update will bring USB tethering to GH5, if so it would be amazing to have similar solution.

    Let Panasonic know your thoughts here.

    Also- if anyone knows of way to do wireless - or wired follow focus on GH5 (without additional motors) please post.

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  • I am waiting for this ability too! I need it for run and gun with Ronin. :-)

  • This would be fabulous...

  • Hello, the CAMremote is supporting manual focus control through USB port on Panasonic GH5. Also newest Sony A7S3 is now supporting manual focus drive.

  • @linnar

    Looking at your posts you are affiliated with it, right?

  • @linnar : Even if I do not like places that sell plain USB adapter cables for 49$ very much and would rather solder it myself.. I got one question: Does CAMremote allow smooth, stepless, repeatable (!) focus pulls in the way that is needed for cinema? So you hand over an absolute value (instead on increments) to the camera, and it drives the optics to this value - in contrast to the known technique that is available via the app already, and is neither smooth nor (visually) stepless and not repeatable at all.

    This would indeed be a gamechanger, as it would make external remote FF obsolete as long as one uses Panasonic or Olympus MFT glass.

    If yes: What is the resolution of this value? Could you record some video that shows this working on a GH5?

  • Hi,

    I am using wifi to connect gh5. But it doesn't seem to be very easy to focus.