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First short documentary feature for your input
  • Hello Personal-View community,

    This is my first short feature documentary effort. (44:41)

    It is about Vincent Pannizzo who left his Ph.D studies at UC Berkeley to become a homeless advocate and street preacher in Oakland, CA 18 years ago. He is homeless by choice and works to help people pretty much nobody else will. There is obviously a religious aspect, but the themes are universal.

    I welcome your thoughts and criticisms. The goal is improvement. And thanks to Vitaliy for the forum...and the early days when he helped so many of us hack our Panasonic GH cameras!

    This was shot with a Panasonic (Lumix) camera. Ten points and a beer if you guess which one! (Hint: NOT a hacked GH2)

    Here is the link:

    PASSWORD IS: Pannizzo

    Marc Garman -- Lab Rat Pictures

    (P.S. Wasn't sure which category, so please feel free to correct.)