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What card do you recommend for MoonT7/T8 GH2
  • Hello everybody, I have a Lexar x1000 64gb card at 150mb/s and there are moments when the camera shows an error based on "the recording stopped due to the card limitations". What card do I need in order to have a recording without interruption. Note this happens even when recording HD. I'm really troubled by this because I thought it could record without issues.

    Great thanks in advance!

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  • Yup. Thats the ONLY one. All others will drop frames and freeze. Even faster ones. Get the specific card in the pic - Sandisk 64Gb Extreme Pro SDXC 95MB/s

  • Yes, there is one, very similar in specifications, almost identical, but with other color scheme. You absolutely must get this one with golden bar on top. That is where the dark magic is :)

  • Never had any problems with old 'sandisk extreme 30mb/s' and moon t8, not a single frame dropped, not a single freeze :)

  • Are you sure that would hold up to the task? When I bought the camera from someone, he pre-installed the moon t7 and said that he had the same issue when recording FHD. This card you've all mentioned was in my mind when thinking to "upgrade" but due to what the seller had mentioned I wasn't so sure about it. Plus this one is 95MB/s and the lexar is 150MB/s.

  • Gold is the magic color. The card works. Don't worry about specs

  • But, there is a bug with this golden card. But don't think about it now, just get the card first, and start developing a habit of recording a small clip after a very long one.

  • Hmm...alright, I'll get back here after I buy the card and do some tests.

  • Hey there, still looking for the card that you've recommended. In the meantime I've attached a screenshot with some speed tests done of the sd card that I have. Since the speeds are not that bad...what could be the issue that I'm having?

    lexar 1000x.jpg
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  • When I was developing my patches I perceived that there are some settings in the PTool hack software which can make the camera stop recording even with fast cards. In my patches development, when I found some settings with good calibration/balance, the camera did not stop even with slow cards.

    I cannot talk about patches from other developers. When I was developing I compared them with my settings mainly considering image quality, but I did not test them enough to have perfect conclusions about stability, maybe the card speed can help, but I do not know for sure.

    Patches are subjective choices, each people have own preferences, and you need to find the best card for the patch you like most, or the best patch for the card you already have.

  • @mikussini

    That Sandisk card is proven to be the best for GH2, least amount of freezes and problems in most real life situation, so it is not just the R/W speed numbers, there is something in the controller in the card, buffering, but I really don't know the details. Many cards work ok for many settings, some people have problems some don't, but you asked which one to get, this is the only secure answer.

    It also depends whether you use electronic Panasonic lens or manual wihtout electronic contacts since lens operation, corrections and communication is stress to the camera and it can freeze due to that. And also when it spans recording, it will crash since it is additional data suddenly being written and it chokes.

    Edit: I had event the Sandisk froze few times, but only when I didn't format it for a long time.

  • I use it mostly for video, and have only FD lens for it. Hmm, I'm going to test the remaining patches from the Cluster X Series 3 and 4 this weekend see what I can come up with. I'll post video mb rate results after, in the meantime, thank you for you replies.