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Macro lenses for m43, old ones
  • I can't afford yet Leica DG Macro 45mm.
    Searching for alternative, old macro lenses, any experience in macro video filming ... ?
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  • I bought the Vivitar 55mm f2.8, in Canon FD mount, after Vitaliy advised it. I can't complain, fun lens to play with, and cheap (got mine for 70€, some here got it cheaper with different mount).

    Another lens I bought (also advised by Vitaliy... I clearly lack personality) is the Canon fd 80-200 L. I love this one, and it has a 1:3.1 max magnification ratio, which can do some very nice macro when used with ETC. Again, quite cheap, around 130€ (I bought a 2d one this week for 90€, maybe a Xmas gift for a friend)
  • I just discovered I have this lens from a bag full of old lenses my mom sent to me:

    I don't have the correct mount yet. I've read it's a pretty decent lens though.
  • The Tokina/Vivitar Series 1 90mm f2.5 macro was an excellent lens, made in several vintage mounts that can be readily adapted to the GH2:
  • To all of you , thank you very much.
    How about TAMRON SP90mm F/2.5 ?
    Does this need any extender ?
  • I have Leitz Summicron f2,0/50, Leitz Summaron f2,8/35, Leitz Elmarit f2,8/90. I have had them sinse the 1960th together with my Leica M2. They now have with GH2 come to live again with the M-adepter. They work perfect with my GH2 and I specially love the 50 mm Summicron.
  • This is kind of Off-Topic but I dont' want to start a new topic.

    Is it possible to buy SLR Magic's extension tube? And is there any other tubes ?
  • The Tamron SP 90mm 2.5 is great. You don't need an extender up to 2:1, only for 1:1.
  • @jokieone

    It is really offtopic.
    Just make new "Macro extension tubes" topic ;-)
  • Vivitar 55mm f2.8 if you want cheap.
    New (not old!) Tamron 90mm.
    Biggest problem is that most 90mm old macro lenses cost is now inflated.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thank you, i will check Vivitar 55mm f2.8 ...
  • I'v bought for now RAYNOX DCR 250,
    will test it how it works ...
  • Try old Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm 1:2 Auto Macro lens if you can find one on ebay. You'll need an OM to MFT adapter. But its Wonderful.
  • @driftwood
    thank you, will check it ...
  • It's not old, but the Panny/Leica 45mm f/2.8 is a fantastic macro lens.
  • Just bought the old Vivitar 55mm in mint condition. Man, it's really sharp.
  • Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.4. Was about $200 on eBay a year ago... Wish I didn't sell mine
  • I have the Vivitars mentioned above, the 55mm and the 90mm and the 55mm is the one I use the most because it is light weight (the 90mm is a brick) and has a sort of lens hood by virtue of the recessed lens They are both excellent. I don't see a difference in sharpness. The 55 was recently retested online and it tested pretty high. I paid $13 for my 55mm and $175 for the 90 (with the 1:1 adapter) so no question which is the better deal. I prefer the color of the 55mm to the 90mm.
    You can also just buy a lens spacer on eBay for ~$10 that turns your old lenses or even m43 lenses into macro lenses. They work pretty well.
  • The 100mm Macro Rokkor by Minolta is great and another one I like a lot is the manual Tamron 90mm 2.5 SP, which is tack sharp, has beautiful bokeh and looks good even at normal distances.
  • Totally agree nomad. I used the Tamron 90mm 2.5 on a commercial shot couple of weeks ago. I can only recommend it.
  • I just got a 35mm Flektogon.. superb lens. An extender would be necessary to really push the macro function though. I'm guessing it would be possible to get a really unique look with a wide angle converter..
  • I'm curious ... what are you guys using these macro lenses for? Are you actually shooting macro video? I have the Vivitar 55mm 2.8.
  • Old Tamron 90mm f/2.5 1:2 SP macro (Yashica Contax mount), awesome, combine that with tubes.. epic. Otherwise reverse mounting 50mm, 28mm etc is amazing too. But big light loss, not a prob if you want to make your own macro LED light ring with some nice bright 1W LEDs.

    Got my Tamron for < $10. A long with a bunch of Yashica Contaxt mint condition primes for < $10 each. So lovely.

    I'll be shooting macro videos when I got something to shoot/idea. I want to make something long, not shorts for Vimeo etc.
  • Oh yeah the Flektogon 35mm is a splendid lens. Min focusing distance of only 0.7, it is very sharp and yields saturated colours. Took me a while to collect the entire collection: 20mm, 35mm, 135mm
  • The Canon FD 100mm macro f4.0 nice, sharp and cheap.
  • Check out Contax Zeiss. They are amazing lenses, even better than CZ Jena. I have a 50mm / 1,7, still amazed at the lovely bokeh and colour resolution after all these yrs