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Has anyone else had problems with VisionColor's after-sales support?
  • I am posting this since I am really frustrated with the after-sales support from VisionColor. I bought their product ImpulZ - Ultimate for €99 in January 2015. Since I got a new MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra I can not reinstall ImpulZ. When contacting VisionColor for support on 17 March -- which is ten days ago -- I received an automatically generated email that read

    "Your request (xxxx) has been received. Due to our current development schedule response time can be up to 21 days. If your request is urgent please go through our knowlege base articles or post to our forums at To add additional comments, reply to this email."

    Based on comments on their website other users have encountered the same problem ( It is difficult to understand why it should take three weeks to email out a link to a properly functioning working installer for ImpulZ. Btw, my follow-up email from 21 March was ignored.

    So be mindful that when you buy software from VisionColor. If you are bit unlucky -- just like me and many other users who upgraded to macOS Sierra -- you may not be able to use your product very long.

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  • I have now heard back from VisionColor. I would like to thank John Hensley for his follow-up. I wish VisionColor all the best with the new product launch.

    Andreas, thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for replying that late. As we are in over our heads with our new project we decided to pre-emptively choose such a long response time, although it rarely takes that long. I agree that it's still to long for a a simple re-download request and that we will do better in the future.

    To quickly troubleshoot the issue with MacOS Sierrea you can download an adjusted installer here:

    Link: xxx Pass: xxx

    Let me know if you can get it to work and thank you for your honest words! Cheers,

    John Hensley | VisionColor

  • Yea that new product they been working on seems to be forever to release