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SOLD 14-140mm at $650 + Shipping
  • I'm selling the kit lens out of GH2 box that I got today. Never been mounted. Never been used. It's a brand new.

    It comes with 14-140, original caps and hood and pouch. Immediate shipping.

    I live in DC. Local pick-up is ok.
    1500 x 1125 - 1M
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  • I have one for Sale too (Brand New)....anybody interested for a local pickup in NJ/NY area?

    @stonebat I hope me posting here is ok with you.
  • Not a problem. I posted it in my local craigslist too.
  • I had to try this one. Some people complained about stiff zooming. I just tested out the lens I'm selling. It's buttery smooth zooming all the way out. Has Panasonic improved this lens silently?
  • Mine has always been smooth too
  • Topic cleared.
    Guys, this is marketplace topic.
    So all "it must cost xxx", "no, I also have one" must go to other topics :-)
  • It's sold to me. Haha. Nobody wants it at the price, and I kinda like the lens.

    Last night I couldn't help myself mounting the lens. Very nice balance on GH2. Surprisingly smooth zooming. With AFC on, zooming didn't miss a focused target. Very quiet focusing. With GH2's improved NR, photos at ISO 3200 are not great but good enough. The PTool extended usable ISO to 12800. The upcoming 12-35X and 35-100X are enticing but the high price. There seems only little performance difference between 14-140 and 45-175X. Maybe I'm just trying to justify keeping the lens... but it seems cheap enough and good enough for me.

    @Tommyboy, I hope you sell yours.
  • @stonebat Thanks man. I'll keep mine as well if I can't sell it for $600. Some people are crazy they want it almost for free ;-)
  • no kidding me. under 600? just keep it man. i feel so much better.
  • @stonebat I'm going to open a new topic since yours says SOLD ;-)