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Bunch of free HQ leaks, burns, flares, wipes, etc. 5GB
  • Hey guys, whats up?!

    If you're like Vitaliy you'll probably have some sort of collection of scanned grain, flares, leaks, wipes, transitions, layers' skulls, effects and so on. Though not in every an each project, these resources, can be handy in some situations.

    Projection Films has a nice set of these in FHD and 4K flavours. Many ( the ones in the folders) are FHD proRes. The files are licensed by Tim Clague under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

    It takes quite some time to download ALL of them. I left a 4.77GB zip file at mega ( use any browser but safari) case you don't want to go through the hassle. If you find them usefull consider donating to Tim >>


    PROJECTOR_FILMS' free light leak and lens flare - DL 4.77GB Mega



      Some other sources for free "GRAIN" -

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  • Its not of my personal election the use of this triks forcthe mind. But i agree it can be a live saver if used it wisely on unhappy clients.

    For extra bling bling on their money faces its good proposal.

  • @endotoxic yup, I understand; but sometimes is too hard to scape ( and scape fucking where?) the kultur values we've bathing in since... let me see ajh! since long time. Flares and wipes change, faces, dolla and baby jesus blend and all is greit in the kingdom of the straw giant. Furthermore - you'll think is BS - but when I make use of this stuff I "try to make it as an error" I mean out of my control. And so naked and happy I go down the valley to feed on the innocents' souls +)

  • Hahahaha @maxr

    the description on the offline with projects when no other way to go was grate.

    Baby jesus. Lol

    but indeed for clients faces looks beter more"radiant"