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Looking for recommendation for camera with easily accessible HDMI output + wifi control
  • Hey guys! A friend of mine asked me for a camera recommendation and I figured I would check in here first.

    He's looking for:

    • Wifi controllable
    • Reliable HDMI output (a lot of cameras seem to cripple their HDMI out with unstable outputs)
    • Interchangeable lenses
    • As inexpensive as possible (isn't this always the case?)

    Currently I am considering recommending the Sony a6300 and the Panasonic GH4. Anything else I should take a look at? The HDMI signal is going to be used to overlay with some other visual data from another camera, so the more reliable and stable the better. I remember the GH2/4 previously having some issues with this.

    Appreciate your time, thanks guys!

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  • One thing to be aware of is that a micro-HDMI port is not a secure way of attaching an HDMI cable. The GH4 has such a port, and my experience is that it sometimes comes loose. That this is a known problem is evidenced by the facts that: 1. the Sony A7s ii has an HDMI cable clamp and 2. the coming GH5 not only has a full HDMI port (the dropped the micro port) but also comes with an HDMI clamp. The GH4 HDMI output is otherwise perfectly clean and reliable, as is that of the Sony a7S ii.