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Speedbooster owners - Need App asap!
  • I've hired a speed booster EF>MFT for a shoot i'm doing and the firmware is ancient and is causing all sorts of problems with my two lenses (18-35 and 50-100 on GH4) so i'm trying to update it but for some reason the Metabones site has a problem and is downloading the 'E' Mount version by mistake. I've email Metabones, but they're notoriously slow. Does anybody have the metabones app for MFT that they could email me?

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  • Hi - i'm on a Mac. For some reason the file thats' downloaded comes up as saying its 'E mount'.

  • From my experience recently... I have both Sony and the mft and while the links were different the files seemed to be the same... Anyways you can run the file and connect the speed booster without updating. Check to see if it detects the correct SB and offers to update to the correct fw.

  • Yeah, for some reason its not detecting the SB at all (via USB from my MacBook pro) and I'd assumed it was because it was the E mount version.

  • Got it working - tried two other cables and the last one worked straight away. Happy days!