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Looking for B&H tax free alternative
  • B&H is expanding its distribution network to better serve our customers and will soon operate a fulfillment center in the state of New Jersey.

    Our new facility will allow us to process and ship your orders faster; it also means that we will begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to New Jersey addresses, starting on February 1st.

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  • Not a perfect solution, but depending on the size and shipping method of your order, you might consider redirecting the delivery through the carrier. :-) For example, I can use the UPS web interface to re-direct a package from one address to another (for a fee). Clearly not a cost-effective solution for small orders (fee is probably more than tax), where you need fast shipping or if your addresses are not in two different states with tax differential for a given vendor.

  • Does Adorama have a presence in NJ? If not, probably Adorama.

  • If I had a local store with people as knowledgeable as those at B&H, where I could actually see and touch something before I buy it, I would gladly pay the tax. I've actually considered flying to New York to try out stuff that I can't get locally. But I get it about New Jersey. You have the disadvantage of paying the tax, but the hassle factor of traveling to B&H is high.

    Eventually, the states will wise up and find a way to collect sales tax on online sales. A lot will come crashing down when that happens.

  • @v10tdi

    That's a good short term workaround that I may use for the time being. I also wanna find out how I can get on their tax exempt list with a business identity.


    Yes, Adorama is in NJ hence tax fee is added.


    Yes, the states will take your money once they have more and more people addicted to online shopping etc. You see my thing is I could go to B&H and try things out but I don't like that experience. I went to it twice and the store is always full of people. I'd rather have it shipped to me, test it for about a week and then return it if the given item doesn't work as advertised.

  • Eventually, the states will wise up and find a way to collect sales tax on online sales. A lot will come crashing down when that happens.

    Nothing will happen. As each year few large shops take bigger and bigger share. The delays with tax is related only with monopolization process, so smaller players will die faster.

  • The evil of the Monopoly rises.

  • The evil of the Monopoly rises.

    Laws of capitalism at work.

  • @Tommyboy - I'll take your point about the crowds. But the stuff I'm interested in doesn't draw much of a crowd. For example, I went back to Sound and a very knowledgeable man helped me with a Sanken CS-3. In general Sanken products are the best you can buy or close to it. But this mike was too directional for me, and it really helped to have someone who knew exactly how to boom it work with me. Had I ordered one, I would need to get someone who didn't have a clue to work with me, and after weeks of work, I might have worked out that this was the wrong solution, and then returned it with a possibly looming return deadline.

    If the local very successful camera store had B&H's return policy, I would buy my XT-2 from them and pay the tax. We have another dealer who specializes in filmmaking products locally, and if I can get the same return policy from them I will buy the XT-2 from them and pay the tax, because I would really like for them to stay in business.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev - Marx had that one dead right. Capitalism does converge to monopoly. After all, why should two big companies pay auxiliary staff for HR and other functions that apply to any business, when they can merge and get rid of almost half the staff? This is not the main problem. The real problem is that capitalism destroys the value of work, and the mechanism of destruction is price, which is what this thread is about.

  • The real problem is that capitalism destroys the value of work, and the mechanism of destruction is price, which is what this thread is about.

    Capitalism do much more horrible things than this.

    I have my own term for thing you mentioned - marginal collapse. I think that current capitalism will die in pain due to marginal collapse. And idea to restrict globalization can be method to buy some more time.

  • You may find these guys interesting:

    In a Nutshell: Money should be created by public body for public good, not by private banks (as it is now).

  • @4CardsMan , why did you find the Sanken CS-3E to be too directional?

  • It requires a greater level of skill from the boom operator. If you're a little off when pointing it, you'll miss something. The best sound guy in my area uses a CS-3 as his first choice,especially in a noisy environment. But the lower-end guys don't want to spend the money. So, they don't have the skill to operate it. The CS-3 is like a scalpel. A CS-2 or a 416 is more like a good kitchen knife.

  • It's funny, I worked at Adorama in Elizabeth, NJ for a bit, but preordered my A6300 from B&H since I lived in NJ. Adorama's employeee discount wouldn't offset the sales tax. Guess I'll just order from Amazon from now on...

  • "B&H only collects tax on orders shipping to destinations in New York State and New Jersey as of February 1, 2017. We would not collect tax on orders shipping to other US states. We understand your frustration with our decision to open a fulfillment center in New Jersey. We want you to know that this decision was made from necessity. We currently operate out of two fulfillment centers in New York City. Our lease is about to expire on our main facility. Operating multiple fulfillment centers is a major challenge for us and has made it increasingly more difficult for us to process orders and keep adequate inventory levels to meet demand.

    Our only option was to find a larger suitable facility with enough space and modern material handling systems. We are committed to all our customers to stock everything they need, and to process orders in a timely fashion. After an extensive (and ever-widening) search, we found such a facility in New Jersey.

    With regards to the benefits New Jersey customers can anticipate, as soon as our new facility is up and running, we will be able to extend order cutoff times for free next day delivery from 3:30PM/4:00PM to approximately 7:00PM. In addition, we will have a new customer pickup option for New Jersey customers who need their orders right away. Finally we are actively exploring options for same day delivery to large parts of New Jersey.

    We built our business around customer loyalty and we appreciate every opportunity you have given us to be your supplier of choice. Thank you for your continued loyalty."

  • @BlueBomberTurbo

    A lot of people have being doing exactly what you had presented.

    You see I would not be surprised as if Adorama and B&H have the same group of owners hence their move on the tax and making sure the NJ residents pay up as well and actually reusing Adorama's additional warehouse in NJ.

  • Had to deal with B&H kids today to remove tax they charged to my preordered GH5+ back in January.