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easy add and remove loupe (with velcro) for GH2 flip display
  • Hi guys,

    I'm getting all the stuff together for my GH2 rig and I am looking for an easy to add and remove loupe for the display when it is flipped to the side. something that doesnt require any glue frame or the use a base plate on the bottom of camera. I found this solution which is exactly what I am looking for but apparently they are not producing this product anymore, its nowhere available.

    Does anyone know of a similar system that that I could order somewhere? THX!

    300 x 180 - 79K
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  • Just buy a $5 ebay loupe, then glue some velcro patches to the loupe and a piece of stretchy velcro that goes over the back...

  • thx scotchtape, i also had already the same idea. I think I will go for that then :)