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Have you got an Affordable (~ € 700) UHD 40"+ HDR IPS TV / Monitor recommendation?
  • Hi,

    I'm saving up for a G85, and with that I'm looking for a new 4k screen.

    The screen is going to be used as a monitor for my pc. I like to have 40" +.

    My priorities are:

    1. viewing angle
    2. colour accuracy
    3. NON flickering when set to low brightness
    4. latency
    5. HDR ready

    My budget hovers about € 700.

    Any recommendations?

    • Thanks!
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  • Well, this one is simple LG and Samsung TVs.

  • What a fast response!

    Any specific models ?

  • Well, you want a little too much, I think.

    I suggest to look for entry level 40" Samsungs, they have almost 100% sRGB. They are HDR ready, but actually they are not HDR due to backlight being normal.

    May be in 2017 year they will move QD and some HDR10 down, who knows. But QD introduce issue of more complex calibration, especially on 8bit panels.

  • I looked into this. A 43" TV that has quantum dot (QD) technology (Sony triluminous) and is HDR (not just HDR-ready, so it is 10bit and attempts REC2020 color and provides extended dynamic range all compatible with HDR10 - it will play HDR video in HDR) is the Sony XBR43X800D. On no 40" TV from any brand can you actually view HDR - they just at best can take HDR and translate it to SDR. The Sony is <$700. It has the highest rating from Rtings for 43" and below sets if you want HDR.

  • Have a look at the Samsung KS8000. The naming convention may be different depending on your region.

  • Ok, at the moment I've arrived at the Sony KD-49XD8099 It looks like it ticks all the boxes, accept it's a bit over budget ~900 €. As a bonus a few more inches, and H265 decoding!

    Apparently the 43" model has a VA panel; even though on Sony's website both panels are listed to have "Triluminos™ Display". shows what panel each display has. The Samsung KS8000 has a VA panel = instant disqualification.

    Thank you all for the help!