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  • Brings to mind the shot at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark:

  • I see big stacks of Dollars going to China right there, and big boxes of plastic going to Kiddies
    by Christmas...

    An American "Corporate" Christmas Carol 2011

    Seasons greetings, from Amazon!

  • Its like heaven for gear freaks! BIG Haha on the Raiders comment! ;-)
  • Yeah I thought the same as Lpowell lol!
  • LoL. Amazon is one big sweatshop.
  • Yes, Amazon Germany is under heavy observation due to dirty and cheap employee tactics. Lots of news coverage in Germany about that and Amazon having damage to it's reputation.

  • @stip

    As far as I am aware it is not much different in other countries.

  • Ok, didn't know that but yeah, if they can do it in Germany, why wouldn't they do it anywhere else :)

  • Modern day slavery. No other words for it. Sadly the bankster corporacracy are sweeping us all into this trashbin of existence. Nothing symbolizes our cultural opiate addiction to materialism more than amazon. And sadly for us.....cameras are one of the worst drugs out there !

  • I often feel like I work on a modern day plantation. Ultimately though those workers aren't forced to be there. Anyone know how much they make?

  • Ultimately though those workers aren't forced to be there.

    They are not forced, but they do not have much good alternatives. :-)

  • In Germany there is no minimum wage, so I guess whatever Amazon can push (or pull) for...

    And coming to "willingness" to work under those conditions: Would anyone work there willingly? Any career chances?

  • How many of you have spent a few days picking produce under the hot summer Georgia sun?

    This isn't slavery. This is income, so that people can buy food and have a place to live.

    And as far as minimum wages go, I've never seen anyone say that the new camera they wanted was being sold for too little, with unfairly low shipping .


    @thorn....really ? Do your research ! Just google "amazon slave" ...then read some of the articles ! Of can be a propagandist for the banksters if you want, but don't try peddling that crap to me !

    Personally....I buy all my stuff from b&h. Usually cheaper and guaranteed service. Amazon is crap. I pity those poor people whose lives are so screwed that working there....or a thousand other sweat shops, is their only option. As well, I feel for poor lettuce pickers, usually illegal immigrants and victims to far greater abuse from a fascist government.

  • Do you buy lettuce?

  • Allmost all the workers at B&H live in Kiryas Joel, the poorest town in America.

  • They can be poor, but:

    Population growth is strong. In 1990, there were 7,400 people in Kiryas Joel; in 2000, 13,100, nearly doubling the population. In 2005, the population had risen to 18,300.The 2010 census showed a population of 20,175, for a population growth rate of 53.6% between 2000 and 2010, which was less than anticipated, as it was projected that the population would double in that time period

  • Do you buy lettuce?

    ...and what does that mean ? I don't buy lettuce harvested by slave labor. That's the problem with americans and europeans. They are so separated from their personal needs, including food production and the means thereof that their reliance has become co-dependent with exploitation. Luckily I live where the milk I drink came out of the cows tit this very morning. In the USA, selling raw milk is almost prohibited. Sadly as I pointed out in my first post, our technological needs are entirely co-dependent on slave labor. Just look at Apple and Foxcon. B&H is probably the most honest technological dealers on the planet. And everyone knows why they close on saturdays. And Bezos , among other tech billionaires , is one of the darkest, with ties to the cia and nsa.

  • Raw milk isn't highly restricted in America due to banks, exploitation, technology the CIA, the NSA, nor the Illuminati... it's restricted due to higher bacteria content, and thus a higher risk of infection - the whole reason Louis Pasteur got involved in the first place. People got sick. Pasteurized Milk = Less Sick People.

    We seem to have gotten far off-topic, though. So to return - I still fail to see how a voluntary employment situation can be equated with slavery. True slaves would likely prefer a job at Amazon.

  • @thorn

    What ? Are you like an amazon stock owner ? Did you even watch the first 5 minutes of the bbc program ? No one works at jobs like that because they're on an amazon career path. They do it because they have no other options. That or live in their car and go to food kitchens. Was indentured servitude a form of slavery ? Was tenant farming a form of slavery ? The plantation owners have changed but it's the same ole game.

    And you were the one who made the comparison with picking crops in the georgia sun. And do you really believe that their new laws against selling raw milk are to protect the consumer , when the consumer can boil raw milk at a higher temperature and therefore protect themselves even better ? What about new laws outlawing the collection of rainwater ? Will rainwater make you sick ? This is about the establishment of a totalitarian society. Boiling frogs one degree at a time.

    Places like Amazon, Facebook, Google are at the forefront of the loss of personal freedom, which is why nsa uses them to such effectiveness. I haven't heard of the nsa signing up B&H, have you ?

  • That's nuts seemed like it all came out of nowhere but i guess its gotta come from somewhere. "The rich need the poor to stay poor, because if we all became rich then nobody would be rich" -TatzuFilms

  • Raw milk isn't highly restricted in America due to banks, exploitation, technology the CIA, the NSA, nor the Illuminati... it's restricted due to higher bacteria content

    Sadly, it is not. Thing is, if you just personally check real raw milk and after this compare to supermarket one you will start suspect that you lost some things in life :-)

    So to return - I still fail to see how a voluntary employment situation can be equated with slavery.

    Huge number of books written centuries ago talk about it. People just have no much other options, and owners of such businesses use or even organize such situations.

    Amazon not only treat their staff badly, it is also treat staff of good shops badly as it make huge price pressure forcing owners to make "optimizations".

  • Another perspective on online ordering with some specifics about Amazon pickers from RadioLab

    Mac McClelland talks about her experiences.

    More... ...and the story "I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave"