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GH2 Guide Book. Deal or no deal?
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  • I'd say no deal. I don't see anything in that list that a couple of days reading the GHx forum here or simply playing with a GH2 couldn't teach you for free.
  • yes, that's a NO... I've actually bought it cause I'm desperate waiting for my GH2 to arrive and I thought it would be at least entertaining... It's very, very superficial, not particularly well done and it's more like a general DSLR tips than it is about the GH2. They released a bonus video where they cover the top controls and rear controls recently (it was not in the first guide to start with!!!) Still waiting for something good on the GH2, actually showing different lenses, how to set the best gradeble picture style, how and when to use ETC mode, maybe showing you can make decent hand held shots once you can use the viewfinder, etc,etc, so much to say and show about the gh2...
  • This is a better value, covers everything and teaches the hack well for newbies + lots of other stuff.

    Its free!

  • I bought the book, read the whole thing and can safely say, dont waste your money. nothing in there that was too exciting. If you are looking into hacking your camera by yourself, you have more of a clue than the people the book was aimed at, and can therefore either self teach yourself about the camera, or research the aspects you feel you want to know more about.

    The book is mostly just non detailed fluff about simple aspects of the camera and shooting.

  • So read 2 above for a true comment on this book