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NAB Show - New York - November 9 & 10

    I've never been their before. I've decided today that I should go. It's like a mini NAB. I did go to the one in Las Vegas in 2014. The one in New York is obviously far closer to Massachusetts. I'm just going for a day and the round trip bus from Boston to New York and back ended up being $18. Not too bad unlike Las Vegas in which I had to pay for the airfare and hotel.

    Anyway, like NAB in Las Vegas, you can also get into it for free if you know where to find a code. That's fine if you just want to see the exhibits. You do have to pay for the workshops.

    I decided to post this here in case anyone else might have an interest in checking it out.

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  • I am interested. PV always had NAB topic and it'll be interesting to read about things you find interesting.