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HG3D Gimbal for GH4
  • I am looking for cheap two hand gimbal solution for my Lumix GH4. Right now Im looking HG3D Gimbal. I like top hand held for lower angles. Joysticks on side for vertical and horizontal control seems not ergonomic. But I would not use them as much. There is no much video reviews with it so Im interested if anyone used it before. Are there any special requirements to install battery on it? Thinking to use it with GH4 + 12-35mm 2.8 lens. Thanks

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  • You can always experiment. But I won't expect anything good.

  • Hi Vitaliy!

    I expect at least better stabilisation then ordinary handheld weight stabiliser I use. I can not afford anything expensive now. Looking to invest in lenses more.

    BTW Good to hear from you all the way from old forum and GF1 hacking. :)