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quick formatting vs. full formatting for video editing
  • Question for my fellow PVers. What are your thoughts on the benefits or lack thereof on doing a full format vs. a quick formatting. I bought a new 6tb external hard drive that is currently in NTFS. I'm going to reformat it Mac OS extended journaled. Does it make a difference if I do quick format vs. Full formatting? (It will be used for video editing and will have the video footage and audio files stored there.) Thanks, Matt

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  • Full formatting usually is never used for any new HDDs, especially large.

    The only difference is that full formatting make check of sectors and try to map out defective. With modern HDD presence of any large amount of such sectors is clear sign of very soon death.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev On a mac, just started a "secure erase" using disk utility. After it is finished, do you know how I can check to see if it found large amount of defective sectors?

  • After it is finished, do you know how I can check to see if it found large amount of defective sectors?

    I think secure erase just write empty blocks on disk so deleted files can't be restored.

    I have no idea how to do it on Mac. Search it, I am sure very simple. On new disk it must be none.

  • "On new disk it must be none". Does that mean the new Hard Drive should be returned to the store if you find any bad sectors on it? Thanks

  • Factory probably tests thoroughly for defects, bad sectors on new drives before shipping. I see some complaints on some online stores on refurb, previously used hard drives re. bad sectors or disk failures. New ones should be OK

  • Never trust any hard drive, new or not. If you don't keep a backup of your data, you are treating your data as disposable.

  • I always keep backups. I was wondering if I do a full format on mac (secure erase) using mac's built-in disk utility application, if it gives you the results at the end and tells you if it finds any bad sectors?

  • I'm not sure if secure erase would give you that info, but if your drive supports SMART, using a tool that can report it is your best bet for understanding if the drive is reporting any errors (and a secure erase should touch every block on the drive, give or take a few that were remapped in hardware).

  • Thanks for advice. Will do