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$324! GF3 w/ 14-42 lens at Target
  • This weeks Target store ad in the U.S. has new GF3k (black) with 14-42 lens for $399, including a $75 gift card. That makes it just $324. They didn't have any on the counter, so I asked. The salesman went in back and got one for me. He said I was the first person to ask. On sale in U.S. stores and online until Saturday.

    Buy one and join me in donating the $75 value of the free gift card toward hacking the GF3... ;)
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  • Moved to marketplace (as it is limited time thing)

    If anyone want to send me one kit, he'll get the hack ported :-)
    If i'll have second body I'll be able to even test it :-)
  • very nice! sad, this is only for the us..
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