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  • The Hornpipe from Handel's Water Music. G7s at a considerable distance (75'-120') and some VX870 Panasonic camcorders.

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  • Very nice. Thanks for sharing. (I'm no expert in classical music, but were drums a bit too pronounced? or perhaps mic placement accentuated them a bit? Might be live performance sounds different than what you hear on radio.) Keep rocking - these performances and recordings are great.

  • Well, since this is the radio I suspect it will be identical to the radio...I like the drums that loud, but I could totally see ppl wanting them toned down. In the concert they were even louder. There's like 50 mics on the stage so it isn't the mic placement so much as the mix--the thing about mixes is that you could mix forever... Thanks for stopping by!

  • Cool, keep rocking, great stuff.

  • DrDave .. I reallyt like your video. The sound mix is really good for me. I like to have more details on the shoot. The G7 was used at what settings and with what lens. What tricks did you use to match cameras, and what can you tell me about post production. I assume the sound was recorded from the Hall's master mixer and given to you after the mix was finalized. Appreciate more details. It is always good to see into a fellow master's ways. Thank you and congratulations for a great body of work.

  • @DrLu the superb tonmeisterin from the Radio graciously made me a 48kH file. To match the cameras I just walked around the stage with a light meter beforehand and made some measurements. However, in the concert the light mixing board, which was analog, was a bit different owing to the manual faders, and then of course the light changed as the lights warmed up, and so on, you know, the usual stuff. Using white and grey surfaces like the back of music paper I corrected to neutral, then added some saturation and dialed down the orange (the walls are a bit orange) just to the point that the skin tones suffered, there's not real solution for this, although masks help with the walls. I knew the lights would change so I set the G7 to Aperture priority so I could then uses auto ISO and underexpose. I used "natural" with everything around -2. I hate underexposing but with the monster spotlights it's the only way--you get hubcaps for faces--you also can't dial the sats and contrast too much as you normally might if you are underexposing or there will be no more color left. If I had to do it again I would try CineD but I was afraid the auto ISO would betray me in CineD so I just underexposed a bit but mostly there are no blow outs except on some of the sheet music. Lenses were the Olly 45 prime, the Olly 40-150 cheapo which is sharp in the middle, and the kit 14-42 new version which came with the G7. I had brought the Olly 12mm but there was no way to mount it practically in the center. Maybe next time. I was working with two of my colleagues who got some good shots, especially the center cam which was way, way back in the tech booth above the top balcony. Without 4K, that just would have been mush. So, a mobile, budget setup, but decent because of the 4K.

  • Grateful for your answer. Again, beautiful results in spite of it being a budget setup.