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mpv player now able to replay V-Log and HDR content directly with tone-mapping
  • I thought I should mention here that my favourite video player software, mpv, was recently improved to be able to directly replay...

    • V-Log video material, applying the inverse transformation on the fly, as well as tone-mapping and color-space conversion.
      This allows you to review video clips as recorded e.g. by a GH4R directly, without having to go through a lengthy "video editor software import / rendering cycle".
      For example, to replay this sample V-Log video file posted by a forum member earlier, you could use an mpv command line like this:

      mpv --vf=format=gamma=v-log:colorlevels=full:primaries=v-gamut -vo opengl-hq:hdr-tone-mapping=clip

    ... to obtain a video display like this:


    • HDR (SMPTE-ST-2084) video, as used (along with BT.2020) on UHD BluRay discs and generated by the latest PC and game console GPUs (see here for sample files).
      As with V-Log, both the electro-optical transfer function and colorspace conversions are done on the fly, and tone-mapping helps to display the content well also on non-HDR-capable displays. Unlike V-Log, which is not detectable automatically whether being used in a video file, HDR content is detected automatically by mpv, and reasonable default parameters chosen for the transformation.

    Please notice that both HDR and V-Log display transformation support are implemented in the OpenGL video output module of mpv, which is the default to use on Linux/Windows/Mac. If you use another video output module, these on-the-fly transformation features are not available.

    See here for mpv binaries for different platforms.

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  • This is more advanced thing (for raw)

    You can contact this guys, they seem to have most elements ready to add also V-Log support and playback of H.264 footage.