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My Gear Reviews
  • I'm new here, but I've done a couple videos in the last 15 years! I'm doing mostly short films and since a year, gear video reviews.

    If you're interested, you can have a look at my work on gear video reviews here: YouTube:


    You can browse my profiles, I've also uploaded some short films that I made in the last years. Most of them (up to 2012) were made for a contest hosted on the now dead, forum. I've done two short films for a contest on a facebook page, the first I shot never made it on time, but I finished it a couple months later. The last, a short film I won the first place, gave me a Kovacam Stabilizer as a prize. Not bad! I purchased the vest and arms to complete the kit, and eventually made my first video review!

    Thanks for your time!