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Problem with importing Driftwood 176 patch into FCP7
  • I succesfully used Log and Transfer to capture/import very short files (few seconds) but now I have files that are 3 minutes long and Log & Transfer doesn't even recognize them... What can I do?
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  • Use Media Converter ( to rewrap the mts files into quicktime, then use MPEG Streamclip ( or some other QT prores compatible converter to convert that into a prores file. You also might need Perian ( to make these work.
  • one more need the "Re-wrap AVCHD for Quicktime - uncompressed Audio" preset ( for Media Converter.
  • Thanks a lot, I can go to sleep peacefully now... ;-)
    It turned out the second card FCP could read no problem..? I'm going to try a more conservative patch... What would you consider as the patch which is most reliable for Transcend Class 10 cards?
  • I haven't followed too closely the most recent developments by Driftwood with his Hi-Bit Intra settings. I adapted one of his patches to my own 100Mbps patch that suits my needs and card, but still waiting for a worthy enough project to use/fully test it on. The time limits and storage requirements of the really high bitrate patches are too rich for most things that I shoot. Then there's the question of reliability, which I'd have to test for myself to be a believer. There are too many variables concerning reliability - the responsible thing to do would be to conduct your own tests and patch tweaks (lowering bitrate usually makes things more reliable at the expense of quality). I think the general consensus is that the Sandisk Class 10 cards are the most reliable for the Driftwood patches, any other brands seem almost hit or miss.
  • AQuamotion v2 is 100M for those type cards and allows spanning. TerrAQuake could also work at better quality for you. read the Patches thread' for more info. All my patches are rigourously tested with all Elecard and Streamparser packages. Be careful adapting them for what you think will work because more often than not you can get buffer underruns/overruns if you havent tested them out on death charts and other settings.
  • i'm also rewraping mts files into fcp, no problems so far BUT
    i recorded using seAQuake which i think runs at 166mbps but when i checked my files (24H) they were 111mbps...

    did i do something wrong or is the bitrate variable on seaquake, dependent on what kind of footage is being captured??
  • @tracingrobots are you discussing your imported ProRes 422 files, or the raw MTS files?

    If you are importing into FCP with "Log and Transfer" that only allows a maximum bitrate of ProRes422 (c. 130). Be aware however that like AVCINTRA ProRes is a variable bitrate codec- meaning that if detail increases so will the datarate. If you were filming something will little details- then this could explain the low bitrate.
  • Appreciate your help, guys. I'll go and experiment some.
  • @alcomposer is pro-res 422 a good codec? it's lossy rather than lossless but may work as lon as it doesn't degrade the brilliance of seaquake, i'm ok.
  • It's about as good as DNxHD. If you want something better, go uncompressed and buy a RAID…
  • @all
    Remember ProRes comes in many flavors: LT, 422, HQ422, 4444 etc.. I would suggest that converting to HQ422 converted with 5DTORGB would yield best results. (but take forever...) YMMV
  • How good is Aunsoft Video Converter?
  • @cjdincer there are many 'video converters' out there. Most are the same when it comes down to what they do and how... The only one that is special is the 5DTORGB as that does lots of 'black magic' to the video - you pay with the time hit anyway though...
  • I checked out Media Converter. It looks like a handy drag & drop converter but it converts to so many different things, why doesn't it convert AVCHD to ProRes directly?

    I tried to create a preset for it manually and of the 53 different things it can convert to, ProRes is not one of them. Has anyone successfully built a AVCHD to ProRes preset for Media Converter (not Adobe's)

  • Use Clipwrap. Its worth the investment.