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New cage from Letus coming soon
  • I sent Letus a message about their cage for the 5D/7D for use with the GH2 and got the following response:

    This would be over sized for the GH2. You could certainly put the GH2 in it if you really needed a cage but it's designed for the 5D/7D. We are working on a custom GH2 cage as part of our new Master Cinema Series. Should be available in late December.


    Has anyone heard about this? @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you have any inside information on it?
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  • as part of master series will probably means it's not going to be cheap :) I'm still looking for a Gh2 cage!
  • @PixCanFLy, do you already check the Shrigg Jig Cage from IndiSystem?, is especially designed for the GH series at 99$.
  • I've heard the same thing from them. I'm sure they'll get one built. It won't be cheap, but it won't be Rewo priced, either.
  • It'll be close. Most of their non-powered cages are $499...
  • @xenogears I did consider the Shrigg Jig Cage but I don't like to deal with IndiSystem. He doesn't reply to enquiries :) It's gonna be worst ordering from him out of US.
  • My ReWo GH2 cage should be here in the next few days. I'll certainly post my thoughts on the design and functionality of it. I like that it's built to the form factor of the camera. I really dislike many of the cages on the market for DSLRs because they look silly and some of them actually don't function that well. If the idea of DSLRs is to shrink down the form factor, in addition to making cameras affordable for the masses, I think a lot of these cages take things in the wrong direction. Adding mounting points to a camera need not turn the camera into a unruly mess. Letus tends to get things right for the most part, so will see what they come up with.
  • Letus makes very sturdy rigs but they are also darn heavy. Wanted to pick up one of their signature pieces but decided against it. Here i was running away from Sony cinealtas, and there was a carcass that weighed in just as much!
  • @PixCanFly I order mine from Venezuela, already make 2 orders and booth was complete without problems.
  • @smsjr

    I think the ReWo cage is really nice and I am interested in your thoughts on it. My only caveat is that it may be too form fitting. From some of their gallery shots, it seems like accessing some of the controls could be problematic. I would like about an inch & half between the top of the camera and the bottom of the top rail. The Lumix are ridiculously small. I don't think this would make the rig too big.
  • @smsjr I also think the ReWo is really nice and well made for the GH2. I really like it but the pricing is beyond me. IMHO, for 369.00 € without shipping, I'm better off buying another spare GH2 body.

    @xenogears was it expensive to ship to Venezuela. Glad you've a good experience. Cheers!

  • @xenogears

    Is the Shrigg I see on the indisystem website the same as the one you are talking about? I noticed the thread mentioning them being available, but the one below looked different than the pics I have seen. This one is the Shrig Rig, so I may just be looking at the wrong product:
  • @rockroadpix The one I'm being sent is the newest version so I'll let you know what the access to controls is like. Pictures can be deceiving, so I'll try to bring you some real world experience once it arrives.
  • @pixcanfly Yeah, it's a bit expensive but if it works well, I tend to forget the cost and focus on using it to it's full potential and hopefully that leads to making money with it. But initially, it is a hit to the wallet. :-)
  • I just purchased one of the new cages from gini. I'll let you all know how it works out when it arrives. If anyone's interested I'll post pics or video.
  • @TheMonk

    Yep, of course.
    Just make separate topic for this Gini cage.