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It's all about relation chips or layers and layers and layers
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    Hi there PV's folks and folkatrinas

    What's this thread about?
    Easy, preferable AUDIO-VISUAL content that's inspiring, deep (layered/rich in relations/emotionally/etc.), that triggers something, that connects to you, that helps to understand, to appreciate, that humbles, that provokes thunders onto your cones. Personally and as in language I'm also very interested in the possible relations within the image itself, with following images, in a group.

    At the risk of maybe sounding snob - but on the other hand I'm already used to going solo and don't really give an oxter - I'ld much prefer if things posted here have a kind of personal "attitude" towards them and are not simply copy pasted from some rainbow making web bordello... nuthin wrong with those. That doesn't mean "intelligent" stuff, or intellectual... more like felt, lived, alive!! =)

    Danila Tkachenko


    Bill Nighy is there also 'cause he has Dupuytren's Contracture, a hereditary condition which causes the ring and little fingers of each hand to be permanently bent inwards towards the palm.
    this one rightfully deserves its own room. The Magical Girl image

    I'm a huge fan of Bresson, not only he embodied stories with tremendous scope and never undermined the audience; on the contrary nurturing their capabilities of putting together a whole; but he used film language in a very clever, clear and rich way, also brilliant close ups. In the second part of this video there's some examples regarding his Pickpocket. BTW people producing essays should be more respectful of the film's original title or titles, as it is the case with A Man Scaped... the originals titles are Un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut loosely translated as A Man Escaped or The wind blows where it wills =)

    See beings and things in their separate parts. Render them independent in order to give them a new dependence

    From Bresson's Notes on Cinematography


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  • Hey @maxr, this sounds like a good topic and idea. Perhaps you can add another element - sound. Sound can have a huge effect as well, (whether in form of dialogue, foley, music, ambient sounds, or anything else). I know they say film is a "visual medium" and that visual should be primary focus...but the reality is we have 2 elements in any film (image and sound). Just a suggestion. Would be interesting to see both aspects explored here. Rock on my brother

  • @matt_gh2 yeah man, you know what? yeah man, you're bright to be right dog =)
    Kidding aside, thanks for pointing out such an important aspect of the experience; gonna fix the omission changing that visual to audiovisual... it's nice that audio comes first, in that word at least. Pretty sure you'll contribute with something.... SACANDALOUSSS!!!! {the baby's burning!!!! oh god oh god oh god!!!! do you have any tobacco?}

    Actually when I went to watch Apocalypse Now Redux, not only felt the story was strengthened with the colonial commentary (family dinner in the jungle) but the sound was so fucking good, those helicopters.... I remember recording the sound, where should that MD be?

    Also on sound; at first, Bresson's films almost sound silly, like a foley gone wrong... but I totally agree with the guy from the essay that it greatly helps focusing on the visual part of the experience; and when there's dialog, oh boy oh boy, just listen to Balthazar's lines :P. Long ago, a feeverish afternoon, I cut all dialogs out from "A Femme Douce" and the result it's... interesting. I should upload that one of this days. Fuck, I need to land and focus on this editing, je je. All good bro Mate mate OOOOO
    La Novia

  • @maxr Thanks for that link about dialogue. I'm working on a dialogue heavy film, and am experimenting with mic techniques to get the sound of intimacy from actor combined with feel of room (jail cell). So any examples of powerful sounding and unique sounding dialogue are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for all your contributions and passion. You're our PV in-house surrealist spurring creativity. You have the work ethic and output of Andre Breton with flair of Dali. Much appreciated - keep flowin bro-and never quit goin beyond what you consciously "know" fly fly....