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Why people on a budget are not using the GH2?
  • Hi everybody. First of all I would like to thanks Kiselev for his amazing work and Driftwood, who developed the patch I use. I start this topic as a conversation table, maybe kinda philosophic. I was using a Canon 600D but dirty look and incredible banding frustated me everytime (even being more a content guy that technic super sharpness/film look guy) The thing is, I grabbed a mint Pana GH2 with kit lens with less than 4.000 actions for 200 euros. This camera amazes me. Yeah, yeah, I know, 8 bit 4:2:0, but to me is a STEAL for 200 euros. It just have a very nice VIBE, a great noise pattern that doesn't bother me that much, a dynamic range that it's just ok and the amount of sharpness necessary (even with kit lens). To me, the camera is a tool, I paymore attention to my histories, so, if a camera just do his work for a little money, it's very ok. The thing is that this camera is a gem, don't know why filmmakers on a budget like me doesn't get this stuff for that little money instead of Canon Txi, I think it would be like my case, mainstream opinions makes you buy the Canon (it's true that they got their advantages like sensor, colour gammut...) GH2 it's just awesome.

    Simply I wanted to thank the people who developed the hack and the patches and say to the world how much I like this camera, it's unique, go grab one and feel his vibe.


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