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Camera Upgrade 4k, Blackmagic, or Not?
  • Let me keep this short. I've secured $5000 funding for a camera upgrade. I've been using an FS100 for 3/4 years and have enjoyed low light and 60fps capabilities. I've been freelancing and running my small prod company for the same amount of time and my commercial is reaching new levels, and my clientele is slightly climbing the ladder.

    The big question is : Do I need to upgrade to a 4k system to be able to compete next year and the following 3?

    If so do I go the Big Ursa route? Or the Ursa Mini 4.6 k. (I may be able to acquire a Big Ursa V1 for $3800)

    Either way I'm looking at pairing with an A7s as lowlight isn't a huge muscle with these cameras.

    If 4k isn't necessary than I'm looking at an FS700 as over crank is a big component of my work and I maintain low light capabilities.

    My main concerns about the Big Ursa are flying it (gimbal, crane, slider, hand held, tripod for that matter)

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  • Get Samsung NX1 while you can, and wait for new BM cameras that they will announce to arrive :-)

    Or get

    But, seriously, invest as little in camera as you can. Big raw enabled cameras are worst investment now than ever.

  • $5K isn't enough for an URSA Mini 4.6K or Sony FS7 or RED Raven or Kinefinity Terra. (not when you add up everything) I'd skip on URSA Mini 4K or BMPC4K, as their sensors are not that appealing to me at all ( poor low light, and poor dynamic range).

    So either go for BMPCC/BMPCC, Samsung NX1, or A7s mk1 (don't see the point in mk2, and its price will drop soon enough...), or Panasonic G7, or Sony FS700 (I've seen them go secondhand for US$2.5K) or JVC LS300 or Sony PMW-F3 (I've seen them go secondhand for US$1.5K) or Kinefinity KineMINI 4K (full featured battle tested ones are going for US$3.5K).

  • The Sony FS700R strikes me as a really interesting option for its 4k/60p and high frame rate options enabled by the Odyssey 7Q or 7Q+. It's a lot more flexible than the F3, for not much more money. But it lacks a lot of the convenience of newer offerings, like phase-detect autofocus, lens compensation (in 4k), and internal recording. I guess I will need to wait for the a7R-M3.