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  • Hello, We are going to shoot a tv show for Japan, here in Spain. We got FS7 on NTSC 60i as they want it, but is imposible to shoot interlaced on A7sII. I' m wondering about to put the small A7S II on NTSC 60p and leting them interlace in post the footage. What do you think? Would be a total mess or will work for them? Thanks

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  • It is easy to convert 60p to 30i. Most video editing software will do it automatically. If you are mixing 30i and 60p footage, use a 30i timeline. Or if all of your footage is 60p, use a 60p timeline and just render to 30i.

    BTW, shooting 1080/60p on the a7S II, you will get better image quality if you use APS-C mode.

  • Thanks @balazer, I don't know exactly what they will do, deliver is for TV program, so problably 60i TL, mixed 60i and 60p footage from sony FS7 and A7sII. Yes, you are right, but I want my 24-70 as Full Frame, I would love to add an speedbooster to the equation ;-) Thanks a lot for your help,