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Choosing HD Monitor and Viewfinder
  • Hi everyone,

    I just got started on the GH2. Do you recommend a special rig system what allow to attach a HD monitor to? This there something similar to viewfinder systems?

    Looking forward to your replies.

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  • There are some great solution out there, but the best thing is just shoot and shoot and play, you may find that the existing VF and LCD are more than adequate. The VF in particular is very good. Monitors are awesome, as are the eyepieces by Zacuto and Cineroid et al but they can be costly, cumbersome, and inefficient, depending on how you use the camera and what you intend to shoot.
  • @brianluce Thanks Brianluce. We will focus on short films, all sort of scenes can be possible. The most important part will be a good focusing support as we shoot mainly manually. Kinda a multiple system which can be used hand-held or on tripods would be great. Any idea?
  • SmallHD's DP4 is both a monitor and EVF - crystal clear and every bit as good (or more) as the Zacuto EVF - definitely worth looking at!
  • @chenopup nice tip, cheers!
  • Im waiting for that Redrock Micro EVF... seems great so far
  • @Alexauwa
    Here's a link to description and photos of the GH2 shoulder rig I built with a Ruige 5-inch monitor:
  • I have a 7 inch Ruige on order- so will see what that is like- most important aspect was colour- then focus confirmation. Also the 7 inch is quite high for what its worth.
  • there is also an option from JVC:

    7" 1024x600 $ 595,- list price for HDMI only version $ 1.695,- for the full featured HD-SDI version

    the SDI version converts the HDMI signal to SDI with embedded Audio from the HDMI signal and has scopes and focus assistant ...

  • Why are all these monitors only 1024x600, thats just SD resolution? I don't see the point in using a SD monitor when hunting for HD focus. Even the iphone has more pixels;-)

    Is there a fulHD (1920x1080) or ar least HD (1280x720) portable 10" monitor out there for a good price?

  • what's about this monitor, has somebody experience?

    Phottix Hector 7HD

  • @Psyco SmallHD has a 5.6" 1280x720 monitor they call the DP6 which is usually $899, but may be available for less money during promotions, or in bundles with accessories.

  • Saw that today SmallHD started a promotion to sell some of their used DP6 field monitors for $599!

    I picked one up for that, and saved $300 off the normal $899 price :-)

  • You get up to 5 dead pixels, if you can live with that....

    You better there video about this "deal"

  • Why no live with that if you get better focusing for a very attractive price? BTW, you can send it back for free if you are in North America.

  • @shotsmith Thanks for the info, but 6" is just to small as I want one monitor for steadycam use and to check footage or focus. I'm looking for 8-10", but thanks to your info I found out about the smallHD 10"...just a bit more expensive.

  • I just got my B-Stock Sale DP6 this morning. It looks like it's in great condition, with only one or two dead pixels (could be one dead pixel or two right next to each other towards the bottom of the screen). Just wanted to report.

    @Psyco It looks like SmallHD will have some new monitors to announce around NAB if you can wait that long.

  • I also got a b-stock monitor, and it's great... if there are any dead pixels, they are very hard to notice. I updated the firmware. Now I just have to figure out how to properly calibrate the color.

  • Mine arrived too, excellent condition, no dead pixels I could spot.